AITRICS wins wink for emergency forecasting solution


AITRICS announced on Thursday that it has obtained approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its AITRICS-VC, or Vital Care, an AI software that helps diagnose by predicting worsening conditions in patients.

Vital Care is an AI monitoring system that predicts patient deaths in intensive care units (ICU) and general wards within six hours, unexpected patient transfers to ICUs and their cardiac arrests, and the risk of sepsis within four hours, based on six biological data. signals, 11 hematology tests and other patient information.

Vital Care proved its performance for the first time in Korea and received approval in predicting sepsis, death, unexpected transfers to ICUs, and possible death in ICUs.

There have been high unmet demands for monitoring technology to help medical staff prepare for emergencies in general wards and intensive care units by predicting risk factors before bad situations arise in patients. patients. Vital Care has reportedly shown it can predict patient deterioration in intensive care units and general wards while recording accurate prediction scores for each indication.

“Vital Care is the first innovative medical device in Korea to be used in general wards and intensive care units. In addition, it is “AITRICS’ first medical device designed to ensure the necessary clinical value in the medical field and prioritize user-friendliness,” said Ahn Byeong-eun, general manager of medical AI at the within the company.

AITRICS secures Explainable AI (XAI) that can be explained by external verification with the Cleveland Clinic. Additionally, some of Vital Care’s features are under review by the United States Food and Drug Administration for approval.

“We will continue to join the patient’s treatment journey through advanced medical services and strengthen our position in the field of medical artificial intelligence through strong research and development,” said Ahn.


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