Amazon Axes Glow video calling device for kids


Amazon will no longer sell its video calling device aimed at children, the company confirmed to CNBC.

At its annual hardware event last September, the online retail giant unveiled a curious product, called Amazon Glow, that combined video calling with gaming. Children could video chat with loved ones and the device projected graphics that responded to touch.

The $300 device was originally only available by invitation, but Amazon has made it available to the general public end of March. Now, just over six months after its wider rollout, the company has announced that it will stop selling Amazon Glow.

A product sheet for Glow on Amazon’s website showed the device to be “currently unavailable” on Tuesday evening.

“At Amazon, we think big, experiment and invest in new ideas to delight customers,” Amazon spokesman Tim Gillman said in a statement. “We also continuously assess the progress and potential of our products to deliver customer value, and regularly make adjustments based on these assessments. We will be sharing updates and guidance with Glow customers soon.”

Bloomberg previously reported Amazon’s decision to halt Amazon Glow sales.

The move comes as Amazon cuts spending across the business amid fears of an economic slowdown and slowing retail sales.

Amazon is freezing hiring for corporate positions in its huge retail organization and reassessing expansion in some areas of its distribution network. The company also recently ended projects that weren’t working as well as it hoped, including its Amazon Care telehealth service and several brick-and-mortar chain stores.

Amazon typically unveils a handful of devices at its annual hardware events, many of which integrate its Alexa virtual assistant, such as voice-activated microwaves and glasses. It is also known for end products that fail to gain traction, such as the Echo Loop smart ring.

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