Automated speed device errs, mistakenly issues quotes


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Hundreds of speeding tickets are overturned after the wrong speed limit is programmed into one of the city’s automated speed enforcement devices.

Rebecca Atkins, a spokeswoman for the Albuquerque Police Department, said Monday that the city recently learned that some drivers had received citations based on inaccurate speed limit violations. She said an incorrect speed limit had been programmed into one of the city’s devices, although she did not provide the location of the camera.

A total of 378 speeding tickets were ticketed because of this device. Those tickets have since been cancelled, Atkins said in an email.

She said NovoaGlobal, the company that produces and installs the devices across the city, notified police of the incident. The company turned off the device and sent letters to drivers telling them they didn’t have to pay speeding tickets.

The city pays NovoaGlobal $7,900 per system, per month.

The devices are spread throughout the city in places where drivers are prone to speeding. Speeders caught through the devices receive a $100 ticket, according to the city’s website.

Based on automated devices, the city of Albuquerque issued 4,560 citations in October, 3,659 in September and 5,823 in August, according to the city’s website.


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