Bolton’s breast service has a life-changing ultrasound machine


A life-changing ultrasound machine has been donated to the breast department at Bolton Hospital.

The Evergreen Suite, which houses Bolton Breast Services, at the Bolton NHS Foundation, has received a very generous donation of equipment from Boot Out Breast Cancer.

The suite received a portable Clarius ultrasound machine, costing over £4,000, from the breast cancer charity.

The device will allow surgeons and nurses to locate tumors quickly, speeding up the process of treating patients.

Consultant breast oncoplastic surgeon, Mr. Ricardo Pardo-Garcia, explained how the device will have a positive benefit for him and his colleagues.

He said: “Sharon Chantry of Boot Out Breast Cancer immediately responded to our request and donated the device, which we have already received and are using in the unit.

“Ultrasound will be used by our surgeons to assist in the theater in cases of palpable tumors to determine their exact position and depth within the breast.

“It can also be used to obtain a clear margin if the tumor is close to the current excision.

“The ultrasound machine will tell us where the tumor is in relation to the margin and tell us if we need to increase the margin.

“The device will help us reduce the number of cases needed to return to theater for margin re-excision.”

Staff will be trained to use the device in clinics to drain seromas more accurately, and reduce demand on the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust radiology department unit.

The device also allows the service to take another positive step towards improving the quality of care and becoming one of the few units in the UK where surgeons use the device and techniques to treat patients in collaboration with the radiology department.

Boot Out Breast Cancer has already donated three mammography chairs to the service, worth over £6,000.

Abdul Goni, Charity Engagement Coordinator, said: “The device will benefit many more patients receiving Evergreen Suite treatment.

“Thank you to Boot Our Breast Cancer, we are extremely grateful for your generosity.”


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