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The Bullard Volunteer Fire Department recently purchased a Lucas unit, through a grant received from TC Energy, enabling the department to improve its services to the community.

“The potential benefits of surviving cardiac arrest for the citizens of our community was the driving factor in the Bullard Volunteer Fire Department seeking to purchase the Lucas CPR device,” said Justin Walker, firefighter and paramedic at BVFD.

Like most fire departments, BVFD responds to a large number of medical emergencies each year. The goal of firefighters’ response in these cases is to provide rescue in case of danger or simply gain access to the patient to begin providing care and then assist EMS during transport to the hospital, according to Walker.

A number of these medical calls for EMS services involve patients in cardiac arrest, who receive CPR. The Lucas device will specifically help in these cases. In the event of a cardiac arrest, or heart attack, the patient needs continuous, high quality chest compressions, which the Lucas device maintains, giving the best chance of a good outcome.

Manual CPR requires multiple responders providing rotational compressions because they tire in the process, according to Walker. The Lucas device is consistent in the chest compressions it provides and frees up staff to focus their efforts on the logistics of getting the patient to the ambulance. During all phases of transport, when first responders may find it difficult to deliver chest compressions, such as lifting and moving, carrying the patient up stairs, and loading the patient into an ambulance, the Lucas device can continue to deliver those compressions.

Although many CPR devices have been released over the past 20 years, it has only been in recent years that a fusion of functionality, portability and durability has resulted in a product that can be used widely. in the prehospital environment, according to Marcheur.

The BVFD specifically selected the Lucas 3.1 as the device to provide care to the most critical patients in their catchment area.

“Not all patients are supported by the device, and manual CPR will be provided to these patients with every effort exhausted,” Walker said.

He also warns that while the Lucas device offers the greatest potential for a good outcome, we all need to take healthy steps in life to prevent cardiac arrest, right now.


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