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CUJO AI announced that Explorer, the AI-powered network intelligence solution, is available as a standalone Device Intelligence as a Service, addressing the operational challenges of NSPs.

Growing cybersecurity concerns, streaming, video conferencing, and gaming models have accelerated the importance of network connectivity and quality Internet access inside the home. To meet the needs of their customers, network service providers have automated many operational, support, and optimization processes. However, these services require contextual information about the device on the home network to provide the best results.

“Understanding the devices connected to a home network is essential for us to improve security and optimize the experience for our customers,” said Carl Leuschner, SVP, Connectivity Products, Charter Communications. “CUJO AI’s explorer plays an important role in our customer experience security management strategy, as the information is leveraged to both identify malicious activity and inform our customer support.”

CUJO AI Explorer leverages machine learning algorithms to identify devices connecting to a home network and provides relevant device characteristics, such as device type, model, operating system, and capabilities. The solution is already used by major service providers in North America and Europe, now covering tens of thousands of different device models.

“We have pioneered the use of AI in this space, built the largest inventory of devices in the world, and scaled the solution to 50 million households. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to meet the challenge of the rapidly changing home network, and device intelligence requirements,” said Remko Vos, CEO of CUJO AI.

The commercially proven solution is already widely deployed and readily available to network service providers looking to understand and optimize their customers’ home networks.

“Quick and easy access to device identity and contextual data enables data-driven decision-making and automation in security, customer service and operations,” continues Vos. “Explorer also enables network service providers to reduce costs by eliminating redundant device intelligence processes.”

Real-time API access enables both operational support and value-added services running inside the connected home to easily leverage data generated by Explorer. This offers both operational and financial advantages. Recognizing the many use cases that could benefit from device insights, Explorer includes access to the CUJO AI analytics platform. Network service providers can use this platform directly to further exploit rich data or to combine data with other data sources.


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