Device Dogs manages device procurement, delivery, and returns for employees, making remote work setup a breeze for organizations


The company buys, delivers, picks up and stores laptops, phones, computers, routers, etc., to and from remote employees, simplifying the supply chain for management.

Ever-increasing business competition and losses caused by COVID-19 are forcing organizations to turn to building remote workforces to reduce administration costs. However, this comes with its own set of challenges, such as managing the supply chain of remote work equipment, including laptops, desktops, routers, tablets, mobile devices , webcams for meetings, etc. When dealing with a group of remote workers, it can quickly become overwhelming and exhausting for management to set up their operations remotely. This is where Device Dogs can help.

Founded by Daniel Dalnekoff and Justin Boykin, two longtime technology leaders in the SaaS space, Device Dogs is an on-demand device purchasing, storage, delivery and management provider. They allow companies to make their teleworkers operational in a few clicks. This innovative service is designed to streamline the process of finding devices, getting the best possible rates, inspecting each piece of equipment, ensuring safe storage, arranging deliveries to employees, and receiving devices from employees leaving boarding. If companies wish, they can purchase devices themselves and send them to Device Dogs for handling and management only.

“The pandemic and market challenges have created opportunities to shift the burden of managing a complex laptop supply chain from remote employees to trusted partners. We hope the expansion of these services will give IT and HR teams some breathing space. – Justin Boykin, Chief Operating Officer.

Getting started with Device Dogs is simple. Organizations can get in touch with their sales team and discuss their needs. They will ask you for certain data, such as the average new hires and departures per month, and generate a personalized quote. Then they will procure devices (if needed) to set up immediate teleworkers. Businesses don’t necessarily need to purchase devices through Device Dogs, as they can also send their existing remote worker inventory to be stocked and configured for remote workers.

Once the initial setup is complete, Device Dogs will offer monthly management services. This includes managing returns and secure storage of devices, procuring any new equipment and shipping it directly to employees, and keeping customers informed of assets through the online portal.

To learn more about Device Dogs or to obtain their services, contact them via [email protected] or visit their website here.

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