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If you’re fascinated by the literary world and don’t miss a good read, you’ve probably heard of Amazon Digital Reader, right? Packed with benefits, the device is super compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry as many books as you want.

In addition to storing all your favorite e-books in a virtual library, the device has an anti-glare screen that mimics a book sheet so that your reading is as comfortable as possible. Too much, huh?

Oh, and don’t forget that with Kindle you can enjoy even more services like Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited, where you have subscriptions for less than R$9.90 and R$19.90 respectively at no extra cost. There are thousands of titles.

Thinking of all the benefits Contigo has to offer! He has compiled for you a list with 4 models of devices and various accessories so that you can know and choose the one that best suits your daily routine. take a look:

1.Kindle 10a. generation:

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Thanks to the 167 ppi anti-glare screen, this device offers super comfortable reading in any environment. In addition, it is possible to mark excerpts, consult a dictionary, translate words and even adjust the font size without leaving the page. Oh, and the best part, you can choose from thousands of books and store them in your digital library.

2. Kindle Oasis:

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Offering higher and better resolution, the Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch screen and is Amazon’s most advanced device. Ergonomic and elegant, it has e-ink technology, electronic ink, long battery life, WhisperSync technology to improve the reading of your eBooks. is to synchronize. Individual devices are equipped with dedicated buttons for turning pages and pages, allowing for one-handed reading.

3. New Kindle Paperwhite:

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With a 6.8-inch screen and thinner bezels, the new Kindle Paperwhite features adjustable light temperature (can be white or amber), battery that lasts up to 10 weeks, advanced technology waterproof and always provides 10% more brightness when turned on. is set to maximum. Settings.

4. New Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32GB):

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The new Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has all the amazing updates over previous versions. This version offers battery life, a 6.8-inch screen, adjustable light temperature, wireless charging and 32 GB of storage for at least 10 continuous uses. Its anti-reflective screen has a resolution of 300 dpi and an integrated lighting of 17 LEDs.

And to satisfy your choice, we have prepared a selection of accessories for this device not to be missed:

Nupro Cover for Kindle Paperwhite:

Credit: Promotions / Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Cover – WB Premium Vertical:

Credit: Promotions / Amazon

Van Gogh 10th Generation Kindle Paperwhite Case, Vertical:

Credit: Promotions / Amazon

Premium WB Sleeve Cover for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle 10th Generation:

Credit: Promotions / Amazon

Water-resistant fabric cover for Kindle Paperwhite:

Credit: Promotions / Amazon

Kindle 10a case. Generation – WB Freedom Premium:

Credit: Promotions / Amazon

It should be remembered that the prices and available quantities of the products are as of the date of publication of this article. Additionally, Amazon Prime customers receive products with fast, free shipping, and Contigo! Links on this page may earn a portion of the sale or other compensation.

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