Driver arrested for using license plate covering device to evade Holland Tunnel toll, report says


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police arrested a 28-year-old man Friday morning who allegedly used a mechanical device to cover his license plate to evade the toll at the Holland Tunnel, reported.

Mark Adam Aponte was observed by a Port Authority police officer who saw him “use a mechanical device to cover the rear license plate” of his Dodge Challenger around 8:25 a.m., according to the report. Aponte was charged with stealing services, falsifying public documents or information, and possessing burglar tools.

This is the second time the Dodge Challenger Aponte was observed using an electronic curtain to “obscure” its rear license plate as it passed through the Holland Tunnel toll gate, according to the report.

Similar technology has been seen on Staten Island.

Cars spotted in the borough with plastic covers or completely obstructed plates in an apparent attempt to dodge red-light camera tickets were highlighted by Advance/ in 2018; however, only an extremely slim margin of violations observed by a speed, red light, or bus lane camera were dismissed due to illegal plate covering.

Experts said the new cameras are extremely effective, making plastic covers a non-issue for offences.

The MTA previously said it issued tens of thousands of subpoenas in the first few years after the cashless toll.

The cashless tolling system is designed to read a vehicle’s E-ZPass transponder or photograph the front and rear license plates so that the vehicle owner can be charged for the toll. The cashless toll recording system also captures illegally covered license plates.

The Advance/ reported that the MTA had issued more than 31,000 summonses to motorists with covered or obstructed license plates since the summer of 2017 – when the agency introduced cashless tolling – until the fall of last year.


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