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Each year, CGTech welcomes several VERICUT User Exchange Meetings (VUE) for customers all over the world. The first VUE of 2022 will kick off in Irvine, California on April 4, 2022. VUE is an annual event for VERICUT customers to share ideas and learn about new features as well as tips and tricks to improve performance and efficiency. other users and the CGTech team. VUE is free to attend.

The first set of VUE meetings will take place in North America during the months of May and June. This is a valuable opportunity to explore how to get the most out of the features already available in VERICUT 9.2.2. VUE attendees will also get a first-hand look at what’s being developed for the next major release, VERICUT 9.3.

“We’re excited to return to VUE in-person events this year to show off enhancements to the current version of VERICUT, such as enhancements added to streamline simulation, optimization, and powerful reporting options.” says Gene Granata, director of product management at CGTech.

“Next, we’ll show what’s coming in our next major release, VERICUT 9.3. Version 9.3, slated for release this summer, better connects machines and data to take VERICUT’s digital twins to new levels of accuracy, allowing users to verify that their CNC machine and setup matches what was been verified by VERICUT and collect valuable metrics on machining processes that help all NCs. programmers operate as machining experts.

New features in VERICUT 9.2.2 include core functionality enhancements, improved memory management, graphics, and overall efficiency. Updates to inspection reports and reports provide users with more information such as surface finish legends, machine measurements, and new cutting condition measurements. X-Caliper and Annotations have also been updated to include 3D and 2D text (flat on screen) for dimensions on annotation planes, text and font options, and more leader lines .

For the schedule, learn more about upcoming VUE events and register online at cgtech.com/company/vue or call 949.753.1050.


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