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Even if you only use the internet for basic things like browsing the web and streaming your favorite shows and movies, an extra layer of protection is still needed. While most websites these days use HTTPS for your security, it would give you the peace of mind of having extra protection, when doing online banking or, for example, downloading torrents. The last thing you want is for your ISP to send you a love letter saying you’re involved in nefarious activity.

A VPN is handy for these things, but if you don’t want to deal with recurring charges and want to pay once for powerful protection, Deeper Connect Mini has what you need. This decentralized VPN device (DPN) has a 7-layer enterprise-grade firewall to protect every connected IoT device.

Touted as a lifetime cybersecurity solution, the Deeper Connect Mini enables full DPN with multiple and intelligent routing features and provides unlimited access to content from any country without sacrificing internet speed. Unlike a VPN, a DPN has no centralized servers, so no one entity has ultimate control over your encrypted data.

In fact, all user information is stored on personal devices, and the stable network it provides makes your data difficult to track. It is also capable of blocking all pesky ads, including the ones that always interrupt your YouTube stream. Additionally, if you have children at home, there is a one-click parental control feature that will prevent them from accessing inappropriate content when they go online. Plus, you have the option to share your idle bandwidth through a blockchain ecosystem, so you can earn passive income while surfing the web.

With Deeper Connect Mini, you only have to pay once and you’re set for life. You can buy it for only $349.

Deeper Connect Decentralized Mini VPN and Firewall Hardware – $349

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