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On the one hand, they spy an opportunity to bundle content, apps, and experiences under one roof for a better customer experience. On the other hand, consumers simply want more – of everything.

“The proliferation of OTT is resulting in a very difficult time for the consumer,” said Dana Filip-Crandal, EVP and COO, Sky Germany. “It’s hard to find content and it’s become much more expensive. This means that service providers like us have the ability to create a brilliantly simple aggregation experience. »

In Canada, Tim Fell, Vice President, Future Friendly Technology Services, TELUS, aims to reach “every device, anywhere, anytime.”

He said: “I see the need for mixed experiences on screens and in places like cars. We see people in hockey stadiums watching the game live and the live action of the same game on their phones. »

Brazilian Globo is known as a content powerhouse producing original drama and holding the biggest sports rights.

“It’s not enough,” said CTO Raymundo Barros. “Consumers also want experiences. But the connected TV space is highly fragmented. We need to invest in creating 2000 versions to handle different devices and apps. It’s extremely difficult to deliver a consistent experience in this environment, but we have no choice. »

On the positive side, Barros said Globo is driving OTT and OTA experiments with data.

“We have 130 million Brazilians sharing their data with us. Getting to know each other is what will drive us for the next 50 years.


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