Father sends warning on tracking device after someone puts AirTag in son’s back pocket


Jay Schroeder’s sons both play Baseball USA.

They’ve been going there for nearly four years, and he says they love it.

“We would send the kids to concession stands and say, ‘Hey, go get a snack,’ and it was always kind of a free feeling when we were inside the doors.”

But now things have changed.

“When we got home, that’s when my iPhone sent me an alert that an unknown device had been detected in your area,” Schroeder explained.

He says he located the device with his cell phone and the AirTag rang three times. He could hear it in the distance and realized it was coming from the bathroom.

Her son had just taken a shower and his clothes were in his arms. The sound was coming from his pants.

“He came up to me and said, ‘Dad, what is this?’ I knew what it was, so my heart immediately sank,” the father said. “What popped up was a map with red dots for the track history. He followed us from Baseball USA to our house. Once he convinced me, ‘Hey dad, I didn’t pick this up, I didn’t find this’, so it was just fear.”

When the device appeared on his phone, it had the last four digits of the registered owner’s cell phone number.

He quickly texted his baseball team and no one had that number. He then called the police to ask what his course of action should be.

“It’s very terrifying at the end of the day because nobody really knows, especially if you don’t have an iPhone,” explained Natalia Avila of Central Spy Shop.

She says that recently GPS trackers have been flying off the shelves and many parents are coming to track their teenagers who may be new to driving.

But Avila says the most common client is a spouse following their wife or husband.

“I also have a lot of people coming to show us these items they found to see if there’s anything hidden inside, like a camera or a GPS tracker,” Avila explained. “Apple has it where they bounce on other Apple phones to see the exact location of the Apple Air Tag. So if you don’t have an Apple device, you won’t be able to see that this thing is following you.

Avila says there are devices you can purchase that will show where and if a GPS device is near you.

She explained that Apple Air Tag batteries can last a year, but other devices you can buy need to be charged because they are available to everyone.

So, for Schroeder, he says that while all of this was unsettling, he knows it will no longer disrupt their lives.

“We were both very worried the night it happened, we lost some sleep thinking about the possibility of what it could have been.”

But he hopes it will serve as a warning to other parents.

“There are too many unknowns right now, and I would say keep a shorter leash and a closer eye on your kids for sure.”

The Houston Police Department has the report and is waiting for the case to be assigned and then investigated.

They also clarified that this is not a common occurrence and if it happens police reports are not filed.

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