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LOS ANGELES – As Angelenos continue to be asked to turn off their faucets as much as possible to endure a third year of drought, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has introduced a new discount on an appliance that will allows residents to monitor their water usage in real time. Called Flume, the smart sprinkler device identifies water waste and leaks and lets customers track their daily water usage down to the minute.

“We don’t need a crystal ball to see that soaring temperatures and dying reservoirs are in our future, so we must continue to find ways to help Angelenos double their historic efforts. conservation,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement. . “While the Angelenos have taken our pleas to cut to heart, it can be difficult to deal with what you can’t measure.”

The LADWP pilot program comes as LADWP customers used 10% less water than a year ago in August. Already, LADWP is offering dozens of rebates to help consumers reduce their water usage, including a $500 rebate for efficient clothes washers, a $300 rebate for high-efficiency toilets, and $3 per square foot for grass replacement.

The Wi-Fi enabled device connects directly to a water meter and can monitor indoor and outdoor watering. It provides a breakdown of water use by fixture or appliance, including clothes washers, toilets, and showers.

“A key part of being more conscientious about our water use is understanding how we actually use that water,” LADWP chief executive and chief engineer Martin Adams said in a statement. “Currently, our customers know the water consumption of their house thanks to their fortnightly LADWP bill. But with the Flume device, we can put this information in the hands of our customers in real time, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their water use.

The Flume does not require new plumbing. Its readings are available via an application accessible with a smartphone or tablet. Through the LADWP pilot program, the Flume will cost $49 (excluding shipping and taxes). Usually it costs $199, but LADWP offers a discount of $175. Once the device is installed, an additional $25 is refunded to the customer. The discount is available to LADWP customers who live in a single-family residence and purchase the Flume directly through the company’s website.


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