FOREO BEAR at-home microcurrent device saves me from splurging on facials


In fact, I researched how much it would cost to buy one of these spa-quality machines and not only was it extortionate, but they wouldn’t sell it to me, a mere conceited civilian; it takes a licensed professional to handle it (which I guess is fair and responsible).

However, for those who can’t necessarily afford the extra $100 to a likely $200 facial every month or more, can find a very satisfying solution with an at-home microcurrent facial. Luckily, today the tech gods have gifted us with a device that offers a very fair Goldilocks option – no makeup or needles needed, just a slight budget indulgence for an at-home micro-current device like the FOREO BEAR.

The FOREO BEAR, I assume named as such because the device looks like a teddy bear head, is that device. At $300, it’s not cheap on its own, but it’s one of the most affordable devices of its kind on the market. It also has a few interesting features, one being that it comes across as the most powerful home device with a built-in anti-shock system.

At first I was skeptical about how this would work compared to visiting a beautician, but Dr. Idriss reassures me that “microcurrent devices require clearance and classification to really ensure that a actual micro-current is delivered”. She also explains the difference between in-office and at-home treatment, referring to the different waveforms: “Not all microcurrents are created equal. There are four subtypes of microcurrent energy: sine, square, rectangular, and sawtooth, and they all have different effects on how your results turn out,” she says. “So it varies between a home device, an office device, and dermatologists and beauticians. Professional devices deliver more precise doses of energy to certain parts of your face, while home devices deliver a continuous low dose of energy.

I realistically expected an at-home device to be a milder version of professional treatments. The FOREO BEAR even includes a built-in safety called Anti-Shock System – a feature that uses sensors to scan and measure your skin’s resistance to electricity at a rate of 100 times per second before automatically adjusting the intensity of the shock. microcurrent to better adapt to your skin, so it’s not set to advanced intensity by default. So whether you take full advantage of it or not depends on your skin.


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