Fortnite Creative device makes it easier to create Battle Royale classes


A new Fortnite Creative device is designed to create custom classes in Epic battle royale game easier, improving the class selector UI, as the Fornite Chapter 4 Season 1 release date nears.

If you don’t often jump into the best fortnite creative codes or the best fortnite islands, then you may not even have tried the classes yet. The brand new Class Select UI feature does a few useful things that are designed to make everything smoother. This device will allow players to choose a class as soon as they appear in the game, saving them the hassle of finding the device to get started. Along with that, you can have players change class when they respawn, or even have them change as they wish on the map screen or with a pop-up dialog.

To access the device, you must first use the Class Designer device. It’s worth noting that there’s also a hierarchy between this device and the Team Settings & Inventory device, so try to stick with one or the other unless you’re a seasoned creator. You can find the Class Designer UI Device in the Devices tab of the Creative Inventory screen, remember to use the search function to speed things up.

Once you start using this device with the original Class Designer device, you start adding names and descriptions to the classes you created. Remember that you will need a Class Designer device for each course you want to offer. You can read the full device options on the Epic website.

This device is another one of those changes that makes us feel like we’re getting closer and closer to Fortnite 2.0 Creationwhich could well come soon after end of chapter 3.

As we near the end of the current chapter, it’s a good idea to wrap up whatever you have pending. Maybe you still need to fill in the Fortnite Herald Questsor maybe you just want to score a few more wins with our Fortnite tips and tricks – anyway, we have guides for both.


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