Four men arrested, charged with stealing gas using electronic device – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


As gasoline prices have risen, there has been an increase in reported fuel thefts.

On Wednesday, Dallas Police Department officials announced the arrest of four men they believe were stealing gasoline.

Investigators say four men drove to a petrol station in the 10400 block of Garland Road in three separate vehicles, including a modified van containing an external fuel tank.

Detectives said Pedro Ruiz opened the front panel of a fuel pump and installed an electronic device designed to steal gasoline.

Police said Alfredo Hechavarria then pumped 80 gallons of stolen fuel into one of their vehicles while Lazaro Echemendiamiranda and Betancourt Barco acted as “lookouts”.

Dallas PD

From left to right: Pedro Ruiz, Lazaro Echemendiamiranda and Alfredo Hechavarria.

Officers stopped and arrested the men and said they found three electronic devices used to steal fuel, including one inside the fuel pump and two other devices inside one of the men’s vehicles.

The four men have since been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, theft of petroleum product and unlawful use of a criminal instrument.


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