France refuses to work with Russia on a device for the Indian Venus mission


France has given up on creating, with Russia, a device for the orbiter that India plans to launch to Venus, Oleg Korablev, deputy director of the Institute for Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the ExoMars project , head of the planetary physics department of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said TASS, reports Trend.

The device is intended to study the atmosphere of Venus by spectroscopy. Some of the components were supposed to be French.

“We solved this problem [with components]we carry out all the preparatory stages, [we are also] looking for suppliers, everything is in order”, said Korablev, “Unfortunately, the French Space Agency has announced that they are no longer interested in participating in this project, but we can buy everything ourselves”.

The deputy director of the Space Research Institute said that this option has already been agreed with Roscosmos. The key element, the detector, will be of Russian manufacture. “In principle, there is also a Chinese analogue, but now we want to use a Russian one,” Korablev said.

According to him, the French party had initially planned to pay for the purchase of the detector. “Roscosmos approached the whole thing with understanding, with aspiration,” Korablev added, “We agreed on new estimates, costs; Russia itself will purchase these components. And, therefore, no manufacturing French”.


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