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FREMONT — A man previously prosecuted for willfully cutting telephone and fiber optic lines in residential neighborhoods in Fremont has also been charged with possession of components of a destructive device, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday.

Roshan Patel, 46, of Fremont, was first arrested by Fremont police on September 28 after an investigation into phone and fiber optic line vandalism that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, have announced the authorities.

The cut wires resulted in outages for thousands of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Comcast/Infinity customers. Fremont police said due to the vandalism, people were unable to access the internet or make phone calls, including 911. Total damage was at least $300,000, police said .

He was charged in that case with four counts including cutting a utility line and vandalism causing more than $400 in damage and was being held in Santa Rita Jail in lieu of $100 bond. $40,000.

The new charge stems from a follow-up investigation by police, authorities said.

During that investigation, a search warrant was served at his home where prosecutors said investigators found several chemicals that could be used to develop an explosive device. The district attorney’s office said it was working with Fremont police and that additional evidence was uncovered on Patel’s computer and electronic devices, including extensive research into bomb-making and explosive devices. The searches also included research on the location of cell phone towers.

He was returned to jail Thursday on the new charge and his bond was increased to $150,000.

His next court appearance will be on October 27.


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