“Game-changing” device takes the hassle out of pocket shading setups


Every integrator knows that motorized blind installations have a small margin of error, especially if it is a pocket installation. Unfortunately, at one time or another, every integrator has encountered a situation where the builder or GC has failed to build a suitable pocket for a motorized blind, leaving the technician to try to “fix” the opening or find yourself stuck with an inventory of unusable blinds that don’t fit when opened. It’s not only frustrating, it’s bad for the wallet, a waste of time and money. Well, as they say, necessity breeds invention, and that’s exactly the case with an innovative new solution called Shadow pocket supportcreated by an integrator Fredrik Bystedt.

The Shade Pocket Bracket is a “revolutionary” mounting solution that takes minutes to mount and is perfectly aligned every time to allow for seamless shade installation. Pockets can be mounted either with both flanges or by cutting one flange and mounting the bracket to the side so it can also be flush with sliding door panel systems. Additionally, integrators now have another item they can charge for, which increases revenue for each store.

Bystedt, President of Digitronics Inc. in Los Angeles, launched his invention at CEDIA 2022 exhibition in Dallas with a simple device that takes less than 5 minutes to install and promises to allow integrators to prepare a perfect pocket opening for a seamless shade installation. The device is so simple it’s ingenious, leaving integrators wondering why someone didn’t come up with this idea years ago.

The origin of the device began four years ago when Digitronic worked with a custom builder on a massive 18,000 square foot home in the affluent town of Bel Air, California.

“We set up a meeting with the builder and his main framer and went over what we needed for our pocket install, which was a framed support header installed exactly 6 1/4 inches spaced above ceiling rafters with level consistency over large spans throughout the house with an acceptable margin of error of less than a quarter inch,” recalls Bystedt.

A few weeks later the builder informed them that the framing was complete, so the Digitronic team installed their window pockets only to find that the framing was not level in some cases and the shading pockets protruded up to 1 inch.

“I requested another meeting with the framer, and sent my guys back to remove the installed pockets with issues so the framer could have his guys try to evenly shave the pocket headers full of nails on long spans or removing and reinstalling pocket support headers.It went back and forth for weeks of working with the framer until everything was straight and level enough, but the extra time it took was enough to make the project a waste,” he adds.

Bystedt was frustrated, and certainly so was the builder. After contacting several other integrators, Bystedt realized he wasn’t the only one frustrated.

“It wasn’t a good experience and I was like, ‘Why is there so much work with these shade pockets all the time?’ There are good margins on the sale of blinds, easy to install but if I constantly have problems with blind pockets on these jobs, was it worth installing blinds? he rhetorically.

Using the same logic that applies to the simplicity of installing an in-ceiling loudspeaker, Bystedt has developed the Shade Pocket Bracket. It not only eliminates the terrible back-and-forth experience of having to repair poorly sized shade pockets by producing accurate support, but it also creates an alternative solution that resellers can make money installing.

To date, Digitronic has installed over 800 pockets using the brackets.

“It was a game-changer for us and it will be a game-changer in your business as well,” he notes.

ShadePocketBracket.com is at booth #1020 at CEDIA Expo.


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