Gamevice Flex is a mobile device controller for cloud-based games, coming later this fall


With improved features and a new design to be compatible with thousands of phone cases, Gamevice Flex eliminates the risk and inconvenience of having to repeatedly remove your phone case. Its adapter kit allows for a custom fit that works for cell phones with or without a case.

With the emergence and steady growth of cloud gaming, gamers are no longer limited to a single platform. They are now enjoying their favorite games using multiple devices such as PCs, smartphones, consoles, and even upcoming cloud-enabled TVs such as the Samsung Gaming Hub. Recognizing this trend early on and after gathering feedback from its community, the Gamevice team has applied its more than 10 years of experience – with over 1 million units sold – to develop a controller that brings an experience of console-quality play to mobile devices. To meet the demands of console gamers, Flex features updated buttons, Hall Effect triggers with longer reach, improved ergonomics for extended play, and (by popular demand) a 3.5mm headphone jack.

“Our goal with Gamevice Flex is to provide a seamless experience by removing all the barriers that have made cloud gaming on mobile devices a struggle and an inconvenience,” said Phillip Hyun, CEO of Gamevice. “With current mobile controllers, there are two major issues: the need to routinely remove your phone case, and once finally in-game, controls that aren’t a seamless transition from the console. Using our community’s feedback combined with our team’s years of design and manufacturing experience, Gamevice Flex will deliver the best mobile cloud gaming experience as more and more AAA titles come to the cloud.

Gamevice Flexan official “Designed for Xbox” product, is now available for pre-order on Android and iOS phones for $99.95 and $109.95, respectively, on Gamevice Flex for Android and iOS phones will officially release this fall 2022 offering a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass gives gamers access to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) at no additional cost and offers hundreds of high-quality games to play on a variety of devices.


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