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The global respiratory devices market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR of 11.2% during the forecast period.

Companies cited

  • 3B Medical, Inc.

  • Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

  • BMC Medical Co., Ltd.

  • Graphic Industries, Inc.

  • CHIESI Farmaceutici SpA

  • cipla, ltd.

  • Circadian LLC

  • healing medical

  • DeVilbiss Healthcare LLC

  • General Electric (GE) Co.

Major factors increasing the respiratory devices market are high prevalence of COVID-19, sleep apnea, asthma and COPD patients globally.

Lifestyle changes and the rise in obesity are also one of the main factors behind the increase in cases of respiratory diseases. Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) account for approximately 60% of the medicine and respiratory device market. An aging population and major changes in lifestyles have led to an increase in respiratory diseases.

Additionally, habits such as overeating, smoking, lack of exercise, and other major lifestyle changes are the root cause of respiratory diseases. Cases of respiratory disorders are also on the rise among newborn babies. However, there are factors such as high prices of medical devices and availability of alternative treatment for sleep apnea that act as barriers to the growth of the market.

Respirators are inhalation devices and equipment used to deliver medication to the patient with respiratory conditions. Most devices use some form of non-invasive therapy to treat a patient with respiratory conditions. Respiratory device companies focus on developing new and advanced products such as smart inhalers and digital sensors.

Companies are expanding their product portfolios and increasing their R&D budget in order to stay competitive in the market. Major respiratory devices include therapeutic devices such as masks, ventilators, humidifiers, positive airway pressure devices, and other devices. Other respiratory devices include diagnostic and monitoring devices and counters for consumables and accessories.

Inhalers and ventilators will drive the growth of the respiratory devices market

Inhalers hold the bulk of therapeutic respiratory devices. The increasing prevalence of asthma with increasing pollution is the main determining factor. Additionally, the increasing number of smokers and drug addicts will contribute to the rising cases of COPD globally, which will also drive the growth of the inhaler segment. Metered dose and dry powder inhalers are the common varieties of inhalers.

Ventilators remain the life-saving equipment not only for patients with respiratory diseases, but also for patients with other serious diseases including brain tumors, cancer and many more. The COVID-19 outbreak has boosted the demand for ventilators which is expected to further boost the market during the forecast period.

In the segment of diagnostic devices, sleep testing devices are emerging in the market as many health conscious people now use them to monitor their body behavior while sleeping.

According to the World Health Organization, there were 251 million cases of COPD worldwide. The COVID-19 outbreak has had an almost equal impact on the world. Therefore, the demand for respiratory devices has also increased worldwide. However, owing to advancements in technology, North America is expected to contribute more to the respiratory device market. If the COVID-19 pandemic was not here, the prevalence of other respiratory diseases including asthma is giving considerable growth to the respiratory devices market.

The report covers

  • Market value data analysis of 2020 and forecast till 2027.

  • Annualized market revenue ($millions) for each market segment.

  • Country analysis of major geographic regions.

  • Key companies operating in the global respiratory devices market. Based on data availability, information related to new product launches and relevant news is also available in the report.

  • Analysis of business strategies by identifying key market segments positioned for strong growth in the future.

  • Analysis of market entry and expansion strategies.

  • Competitive strategies by identifying “who stands where” in the market.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary of the report

2. Overview and Market Overview

2.1. Report scope

2.2. Analyst overview and current market trends

2.2.1. Main conclusions

2.2.2. Recommendations

2.2.3. Conclusion

3. Competitive landscape

3.1. Key business analysis

3.1.1. Koninklijke Philips NV Insight Financial analysis SWOT analysis RECENT DEVELOPMENTS

3.1.2. Medtronic plc Insight Financial analysis SWOT analysis RECENT DEVELOPMENTS

3.1.3. AG Insight Financial analysis SWOT analysis RECENT DEVELOPMENTS

3.1.4. GE Healthcare Insight Financial analysis SWOT analysis RECENT DEVELOPMENTS

3.1.5. Getinge AB Insight Financial analysis SWOT analysis RECENT DEVELOPMENTS

3.2. Key strategic analysis

3.3. Impact of COVID-19 on key players

4. Market drivers

4.1. Motivators

4.2. Constraints

4.3. Opportunities

5. Market segmentation

5.1. Global Respiratory Devices Market by Diagnostic Devices

5.2. Global Respiratory Devices Market by Therapeutic Devices

5.3. Global Respiratory Devices Market by Disposable Devices

6. Regional analysis

7. Company Profiles

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