Google and Goliath Technologies team up to provide monitoring and troubleshooting for ChromeOS devices


Organizations can now monitor ChromeOS devices (Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, etc.) and troubleshoot end-user experience issues.

PHILADELPHIA CREAM, November 32022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software for hybrid cloud environments, announced a strategic partnership with Google to help businesses with a Google Enterprise license to Quickly identify and isolate the true root causes of IT performance issues, determining whether they are related to Google ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex devices or other components of their infrastructure by automatically and intelligently correlating all key data from their computing environment.

This deep integration between Google ChromeOS and Goliath Technologies gives IT professionals a comprehensive view of key health data from ChromeOS devices such as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes correlated with other IT elements that may impact the end user experience, including Citrix and/or VMware Horizon and any supporting infrastructure components. This intelligent vision significantly reduces remediation times for companies and provides documentation to implement permanent remedial actions.

“When end-user experience issues are traced to Google ChromeOS devices, IT pros often don’t have the data to prove that Google ChromeOS devices are healthy and not the root cause of the problem,” said the CEO of Goliath Technologies. Thomas Charton. “Goliath proactively identifies the true root cause of performance issues so that our partners’ products are not misidentified as the cause of performance issues. This new feature to support ChromeOS device endpoints is essential as Google continues to advance its position in enterprise computing.”

“A call comes in and someone says their Google Chromebook isn’t working because the app is slow,” said Scott UrofskyCTO, Systems Solutions Inc. “We connect to the Goliath end-user experience management software and can see Google Chrome device health and other possible sources of performance degradation, including the user behavior, Citrix delivery infrastructure, server layer, and end-user network connection so that the “true” root cause can be identified.”

Solution highlights include:

  • Ability to view details of Chromebook and other ChromeOS devices on performance and usage metrics such as CPU, memory, disk, network usage, battery status, battery strength, etc. LAN signal and CPU temperature to quickly diagnose issues affecting overall device performance.

  • Automatically discover and display all ChromeOS devices and quickly locate them in your global inventory using the quick filter option.

  • In a central console, see the health of ChromeOS devices, Citrix, and IT delivery infrastructure performance that can impact the end-user experience.

  • Troubleshoot the root cause of end-user experience issues by correlating ChromeOS device health and Citrix session performance metrics.

About Goliath Technologies:

Goliath Technologies enhances the end user experience by enabling proactive IT. Our end-user experience management, monitoring, and troubleshooting products leverage built-in intelligence and automation to proactively identify events and conditions that cause performance issues and automatically resolve them with self-healing capabilities before end users are impacted. With our portfolio of software solutions, IT professionals can deliver a seamless user experience, regardless of where workloads, applications, or users reside.

Customers include: Universal Health Services, Ascension, CommonSpirit Health, Office Depot, American Airlines, Liberty Mutual, Bell CanadaXerox, HCL and others.

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