Hennepin Technical College is the first in the country to use a high-tech breastfeeding device


4:07 p.m. | Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Nursing students at Hennepin Technical College have new high-tech tools to test their skills. On Wednesday, the students unboxed the latest training gadgets.

The Laerdal Modular Skills Trainer has the ability to train students without risking injury to real people.

“You wouldn’t want someone to practice things they’ve never done before on you, would you?” said Laerdal medical representative Dan Baumgardner.

And that’s a relief for student Isaac Ngatua.

“There are no feelings. No one will say you hurt me, and this and that,” Ngatua said.

Nursing students at Hennepin Technical College use an innovative device to test their skills.

Students previously used a larger simulated patient for training. The new devices are smaller, portable and can perform 15 different nursing skills.

Nursing students can practice stoma care, wound care, blood draw and more. The technology allows students to practice repeatedly at their own pace until they feel comfortable.

“I like training. I think it would be easy with a patient too,” student Madeline Apolloni said.

“It’s really good because you don’t have to be afraid. Even if you made a mistake, you can always come back and do it again until you’ve perfected it,” Ngatua said.

When paired with a smartphone, the devices provide numerical ratings. Students can also film their work and send it to instructors for review.

“Students will film themselves, watch themselves, and look at where they made their own mistakes,” said Chris Kleckner, director of nursing at Hennepin Technical College. “It’s also a real time saver. We could spend more time instructing than evaluating.

Each student has their own training device to use on campus or at home. Students say it’s a trust factor.

“I will keep trying until I succeed, and it builds my confidence, so when I’m doing a real human being, I know exactly what I’m doing,” Ngatua said.

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