Here’s how this UFO-like device will make some Colorado mountains safer this winter


You may have spotted these strange devices in Colorado, but don’t worry, the aliens haven’t landed in the Centennial State yet. In fact, these Gazex exploders are going to be used by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to help reduce avalanche risk on some mountains in the state this winter.

“CDOT’s primary function in the winter is to keep our roads safe so you can enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. It’s not just about clearing snow from the roads, as our avalanche control program protects the travelers against the continued threat of unexpected avalanches on some of the highest and mountainous roads in the country,” reads the department’s website.

According to a report by 9News, CDOT currently has 16 exploders statewide, located in the Eisenhower Tunnels, Burgdorf Pass, and Wolf Creek Pass. They are designed to trigger controlled avalanches to reduce the threat of natural avalanches in areas that may impact travel.

“This system works by mixing oxygen and propane, or hydrogen gas, in explosion nozzles at the top of high-risk areas. When the gas mixture explodes, the force of the explosion is directed towards snow, producing a controlled avalanche,” according to CDOT.

According to the CDOT, these systems are safer and more reliable to operate.

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