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The mysterious machine is a landmark in Grounded’s vast courtyard. The Mysterious Machine is located along the trail near the baseball in the central grasslands of the map. The story of how the machine got there, why or when is unknown. However, he is likely responsible for the player downgrade in the first place.

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An easy way to pinpoint the machine’s precise location is to look for three large, downward-pointing gray laser guns. The machine will be on the ground, in the middle of where the laser guns are pointing.


Where is the strange device

The device is white, large and partially translucent. On the top of the device are three silver laser hubs, shaped like cylinders. Part of the device is stuck in the dirt, and it’s hard to miss. Players will need to interact with the Landmark as it is the key to Oak Lab opening. Additionally, players will revisit this landmark later in the game – but for now, we’ll check out the initial activation to open the Oak Lab.

Activate the strange device

After finding the machine, players will need to press a black button on top of the device labeled “target” – this will fire all the lasers to literally target the device. Players are supposed to get a button prompt if they approach the button, but if that doesn’t happen, jumping on the button or hitting it can work. After pressing the button, however, only one of the three lasers will work. A blade of grass obstructs a laser and the other flashes by mistake.

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clogged laser

This laser is blocked by a large blade of grass and it’s easy to fix it. Players simply have to cut the problematic grass.

flashing laser

This one is a little harder to fix compared to the Obstructed Laser. Players will need to drop down to the bottom of the laser and kill any mites that are munching on the yarn – this includes the yarn that is in the cave nearby. Once the mites are destroyed, players will need to return to the machine and press the target button again. After that, a cutscene will ensue of lasers blasting the device and simultaneously blowing up the Oak Lab.

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