How to Find All Listening Devices in Grothmar Valley in GW2


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Grothmar Valley is a place in Guild Wars 2 in the Homelands of the Blood Legion. After entering Recon Cove, you will be able to start the Eyes for Ears achievement. This achievement will require you to find and disable 15 listening devices hidden in Grothmar Valley.

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Listening devices must be found and disabled using a special device, and some can be difficult to discover. Let’s take a look at the location of the 15 Listening Devices found in Grothmar, as well as how to start this achievement.

You will earn a total of 10 achievement points for completing Eyes for Ears, as well as progress towards the “Bound by Blood” Mastery success.


How to start making eyes for ears

To start the Eyes for Ears success, you must first make some Recon Cove by solving the Ash Legion riddle. Once inside, speak with Iovis Near Spectrum begin. He will give you the listening device sweeper who gives you the Identify the special action of the deviceallowing you to detect and turn off listening devices. Double click on the item in your inventory to be able to detect the devices.

If you are a Blood Legion Charryou can alternatively start this achievement by talking to Freox Keenaxe in the lower blood dungeon.

Listening device 1

The first listening device is on the roof of Imperator Ruinbringer’s office. Start at the Blood Dungeon Waypointthen head south towards the ramp. Instead of going up the ramp, find the pile of stones beside and jump in the room from there with your Springer. Jump a second time to access the next roof leveland the listening device will be all right.

Listening device 2

The second listening device is in the Iron Legion Camp. Of Blood Dungeon Waypointgo your way is to the Iron Legion Camp. The listening device is inside the building with the Vista. Go inside, then watch the ceiling for hanging scrap bundle. Jump here with your Springer, and find the device on scrap.

Listening device 3

To find the third listening device, start with the Blood Dungeon Waypointthen head north across the bridge in the brig. Once inside, go up the stairs until you see Guardian Strongdoomthen move left on the shelves where the listening device is located.

Listening device 4

Again, start with Blood Dungeon Waypointand head to the east towards the Promenade du Festival. Make your way to the Rally Pavilionand you can find the listening device under the tables on the east side of the tent.

Listening device 5

The fifth listening device can be found starting with the Waypoint Wardowns and course east towards The Crag. Follow the path through the mountain until you reach the Blood Stand Scene Point of Interest. This listening device is located under the bleachers on the north side from the scene.

Listening device 6

To find the sixth listening device, start with the Blood Dungeon Waypoint and head north of the Flame Legion camp. Find it cornice where Efram Greetsglory standsthen go to the ledge in front of him. Watch under the ledge of Efram to find this listening device.

Listening device 7

The seventh listening device is located inside the Blood Keep. Of Blood Dungeon Waypointhead climb the ramp in the dungeonthen turn to your left and go inside the Blood Legion barracks. The listening device is in the northeast corner of the room about halfway up the wall.

Listening device 8

Of Blood Dungeon Waypointhead south along the ramp to the vista. This eighth listening device is in the arch directly under the vista.

Listening device 9

The ninth listening device can be found by clicking on the heading West of Blood Dungeon Waypoint. Climb the stairs to the second floor of the kitchenand you can find the listening device behind the crates and drums at the end of the platform.

Listening device 10

To find the tenth listening device, head to south of Blood Dungeon Waypoint to Rack ‘n’ File Pub Point of Interest. Get on your Springers and jump to the opening above the bar on the south side pub to find this listening device.

Listening device 11

The eleventh listening device is near Tribunes Trench. To get there, start with Waypoint Wardowns and head west to the bridge. Jump into the water, then look for the listening device under the bridge to the north part of this one.

Listening device 12

The twelfth listening device is in the Training grounds. Of Waypoint Wardownsor continuing from the listening device 11, head west to the training grounds. This device can be found under the platform near the stairs where the Fahrar Cubs shoot.

Listening device 13

Of Blood Dungeon Waypointhead to the west in the dungeon and continue straight on large hall. The thirteenth listening device can be found behind the statue wielding a bow at the south end from the room.

Listening device 14

The fourteenth listening device can be found by first teleporting to Dalada Forest Waypointthen heading east through the foggy swamp. Follow the way to the south until you reach the Priory Research Station Point of Interest. The listening device is located under wooden platformsdirectly under the Skyscale roost.

Listening device 15

The fifteenth and final listening device is in the Ash Legion Camp. Start with the Dalada Forest Waypoint and head south along the way in the field. The listening device is located behind Malice Swordshadow’s tent on the north side of the camp.

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