How to fix “Failed to connect to device” error in Pokemon GO Plus


PPokemon GO Plus is a bracelet that connects to your Android smartphone, iPhone or other smart device. This article was created to reduce the need to constantly check your device. Niantic has disabled Bluetooth devices such as the GO Wristband Plus and Poke Ball Plus, so players cannot connect to them.

This decision was made after players encountered a bug for the second time while attempting to catch Zorua in-game. Disguised Zorua captured from their Bluetooth devices had a bug in that it could not transform into Zorua as intended, instead remaining in the “disguised” form. Following this, a swarm of failed attempts to reconnect the GO Plus wristband to the main device followed. Not only that, but sometimes players may not connect to the device; the steps to resolve this issue are listed below.

Steps to Fix Error Connecting to Device for Pokemon GO Plus

You can repair the malfunction GO Plus Wristband by following the steps given below:

  • Turn off the smart device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Restart the device.
  • Launch the Pokemon GO app and go to game settings.
  • Go to the GO Plus Wristband section.
  • Place the item near your device.
  • Click on the GO Plus wristband button and choose it after it appears in the menu.
  • Go back to the main screen and click on the Pokemon GO Plus icon if it’s gray.

The above steps are enough to reconnect the bugged GO Plus wristband to your main device. But in some cases, it may still not work properly, you can fix it by following the other methods mentioned below.

  • Turn off your main device’s Wi-Fi when using the GO Plus wristband.
  • Remove the Go Plus wristband from Pokemon GO.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth connection, then turn it back on.
  • Connect your GO Plus wristband to your device via the physical button before launching the game.
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These are some common troubleshooting steps, and even if you follow them all, your Go Plus band may still malfunction. It is recommended to repeat the same steps to get it working again.

Learn more about Pokemon GO Plus Wristband

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When you find a monster nearby, your GO Plus wristband vibrates and lights up green. When you encounter a Pokemon you haven’t caught yet, it will emit a bright yellow light. To capture the creature, press the Pokemon GO Plus button, and it will attempt to automatically capture the Pocket Monster. Pokeballs in your inventory will be used in the process, and if you don’t have any, a red light will flash to indicate you don’t have any.

The wristband can also be used at PokeStops, and when you approach it, it vibrates and flashes a blue light. After pressing the button on the GO Plus wristband, you will access the PokeStop elements. Items acquired in-game will be visible on your main device screen, and your GO Plus wristband will vibrate and light up in seven different colors. Items and pocket monsters captured by the wristband can be viewed later on your device via the Pokemon Go activity log.

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