How to Open Device Manager in Windows 2022


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Check how to open Device Manager in Windows

Device Manager is a useful tool that lets you search for unknown hardware devices, update drivers, and disable hardware components on your computer, among other things. To use it, you must first know how to open it. To help you, we have compiled fourteen methods you can use to open Device Manager in Windows 10 and Windows 11, including using commands.

Here they are: Device Manager is one of the tools you use frequently when you encounter system problems. It helps you identify unknown devices, update drivers, disable hardware devices, reinstall drivers, etc. If you use Device Manager frequently in your daily life, you should take this into consideration. Therefore, this article will show you the nine different ways to open Device Manager.

How to Open Device Manager in Windows

How to open Device Manager through Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel. In Windows 11, search for it from the taskbar search utility.
    • In some versions of Windows 10 and 8, assuming you’re using a keyboard or mouse, the quickest way is through the power user menu: just press the WIN key and the X key together.
    • Depending on your version of Windows, the Control Panel is usually available from the Start menu or the Applications screen.
  • What you do next depends on the Windows operating system you are using:
    • In Windows 11, 10, and 8, select Hardware and Sound. You can also access Device Manager directly through the Power User menu and not have to go through the Control Panel.
    • In Windows 7, choose System and Security.
    • In Windows Vista, select System and Maintenance.
    • In Windows XP, select Performance and Maintenance.
  • From this Control Panel screen, find and select Device Manager:
    • In Windows 11, 10, and 8, check under the Devices and Printers heading. In Windows 7, look under System. In Windows Vista, you will find Device Manager at the bottom of the window.
    • In Windows XP, you have a few extra steps because Device Manager isn’t as readily available in your version of Windows. In the opened Control Panel window, select System, choose the Hardware tab, and then use the Device Manager button.
  • With Device Manager now open, you can view a device’s status, update device drivers, enable devices, disable devices, or do any other hardware management you came here to do.

Other Ways to Open Device Manager

  • If you are comfortable with the Windows command line, especially the command prompt, a very quick way to launch Device Manager on any version of Windows is to use its command:
    • devmgmt.msc
    • The command line method is really useful when you need to open Device Manager but your mouse isn’t working or your computer has a problem that prevents you from using it normally.
  • Although you’ll probably never need to open it that way, be aware that it’s also available in all versions of Windows through Computer Management, which is part of the set of built-in utilities called Tools. administration.
  • Device Manager looks a little different in Computer Management. Simply select it from the left margin and then use it as a built-in utility function on the right.
  • Another method that works on Windows 7 is to use GodMode. This is a special folder that gives you access to tons of settings and controls found throughout the operating system. If you already use GodMode, opening Device Manager may be your preferred way to access it.

Final words: How to open Device Manager in Windows

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