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This is not something normal, although it may have happened to you at some point on your mobile device that you come across an advertisement in the web browser. Whether or not this happens depends on the app you are using, and it will surely take a long time, especially since it has an ad blocker.

Until now, all browsing applications have added a special tool, called “Adblocker” on computers with the the Windows system. Now, after a while, users have surely been able see how they advertisedalthough almost always rare.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to remove ads on your android call, thus avoiding being notified, which is generally normal. Once they’re removed, you won’t see anything until you allow it, which isn’t usually normal unless the website isn’t very intrusive in that case.

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Advertising in browsers and applications

browser advertising

More naturally you will find advertising in the various browsers and applications, the latter have been flooded over time to survive. By not charging for their use, they add a few small banners, which are sometimes not very annoying for users.

The types of advertising have evolved over time, including the aforementioned banners, pop-ups, the latter being usually one of the most complicated to block. Thanks to a blocker you will allow yourself not to see any advertisingbe it a small banner, a pop-up window, etc.

If you use Google Chrome for Android adds one of the best pop-up blockers by default, he does this after working with it for a long time. Android as an operating system wanted to cover all this advertising, which, unfortunately or not, allowed us to see and fix with apps.

Remove pop-ups in Google Chrome

chrome advertisements

After experience with Google Chrome, encountering pop-ups will become normal if you are usually going to accept on different websites see all. In our case we try to prevent this from happening in order to ultimately avoid these sometimes too intrusive inconveniences.

Through options, Chrome has the ability to block and in this case “remove pop-ups”, also known as pop-ups. The window is usually open on certain pages, one of those that does this the most is sporting events by having sports sponsors.

By default Google Chrome blocks pop-up windowsbut if not, do the following on your device:

  • Launch Google Chrome on your mobile device
  • Click on the three dots at the top right
  • Find “Settings” and click on it
  • Locate the section that says “Site Settings” and go to “Pop-ups and Redirects”
  • Check that it is deactivated so as not to see them, If it was the other way around, you will receive the ads once you open the pages they display, which will be relatively few if you set it up like this
  • By going to “Ads” you can include pages that you think are intrusive and show too many ads after all

Remove app ads

remove app ads

Third-party applications, if they are free, usually have advertising, the same is not true if you pay for it in its “Premium” edition. In this case, fighting against this is done by going to eradicate the problem, which is none other than advertising, important for most of them because it is a source of income after all.

A simple option would be for you to switch the app that shows you ads from the free version to the paid version, eliminating direct advertising, pop-ups and other elements. For a small cost per month, per year or forever you avoid being sampled in the appeither with a small banner or pop-ups.

To remove app ads, follow these steps:

  • Launches the “Multitasking” screen
  • The app you opened last will be the one that launches the advertisement, it also usually displays small banners
  • Try to see if it is possible to upgrade from the free version to a payinglook at the price first
  • If you don’t want ads to appear and you barely use the app, it’s better to uninstall it

How to Remove YouTube Ads

premium youtube

A platform with many advertisements when watching videos is YouTube, owned by Google. The easiest way to remove the ads from it is to switch to the so-called “Premium” subscription, which has a cost of 11.99 euros per month or what amounts to the same, around 144 euros per year if we go there month by month.

YouTube offers a free month, you can take advantage of it in case you want to watch videos for free and don’t have to bear the blissful “advertising”. In the end, YouTube lives on ads, with them it pays the creatorswhich usually have a big impact on the platform.

If you want to subscribe to YouTube, follow these steps:

  • Open the YouTube Premium pagefor that click on this link
  • Fill in all fields, including payment method so that you will be charged periodically on the day of your subscription, although you have the option to set the day so you don’t always have a zero account
  • The platform allows you to cancel the service whenever you wantyes, if you have paid previously you will no longer do so from the chosen day

Remove ads from Samsung browser

Samsung Settings

The one that doesn’t protect too much from advertising is Samsung’s browser, which lets through too many banners, pop-ups and other elements. Due to its configuration, the user is affected in the short term, so you must know how to remove it quickly by knowing a little about the application.

The browser has a personalization service, You must remove this if you do not want the advertisement to reach you said intrusive, all by proceeding as follows:

  • Go to your phone’s “Settings” and click on your user profile
  • Click on “Privacy” and navigate to “Personalization Service”
  • Disable the item that says “Personalize this phone” and ready

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