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Check how to remove trusted device from Apple ID

If you’ve owned a variety of Apple devices over the years, you may eventually reach a point where you’ve sold, given away, or traded in some of those older Macs, iPhones, iPads, or other Apple hardware. Regardless of the situation, once a device is no longer in your possession, you should remove the devices you no longer use from your Apple account for security reasons. Additionally, it is recommended that you erase devices that you no longer own so that they are no longer associated with your Apple ID. When you sign in to your Apple ID from a device to use Apple services, that particular device is associated with your account. These devices do not have to be one of your Apple devices.

For example, if you use iCloud for Windows or if you have previously connected your iOS device to your PC, your computer will be linked to your Apple account. This is also considered a list of trusted devices. For example, some of the devices in this list may be allowed to approve two-factor authentication requests. Before you remove your device from your Apple ID trusted device list, let me first tell you what a trusted device is. When you sign in with a new device using your Apple ID, your Apple ID automatically adds it to your list of trusted devices and stays there until you manually remove it.

How to Remove a Trusted Device from Apple ID

  • First, grab your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and open the Settings app.
  • You will see your name at the top of the window. Click on it.
  • Now your account settings will open.
  • After that, go through your account settings and find the list containing all your trusted devices.
  • Now what you have to do is click on the device you want to remove from your list of trusted devices. And wait for a while until it loads.
  • In the next window, you will see a Remove from Account option at the very bottom. Click on it.
  • Now a confirmation message box will appear.
  • Tap the Delete option to remove it.
    • That’s all, so if you check your list of deleted devices. Then you will see that the device has been removed from your list of trusted devices.

Final Words: How to Remove a Trusted Device from Apple ID

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