How to use Accolades in Fortnite Creative? XP Device Explained


The popularity of Fortnite is mainly due to its Battle Royale mode. However, gamers also have a strong affinity for Creative Mode. Creative mode has several islands, each accessible with specific codes. Loopers usually have to enter islands and complete certain objectives such as building, shooting, or surviving.

Creative maps are also very popular as some of them allow loopers to gain XP. The XP system is usually set up with the help of Accolades. This feature is available in-game, and those designing a creative map have the ability to set up Accolades.

However, few gamers have a clear idea of ​​how to use this feature. Therefore, this article will reveal the necessary steps to use Honors in Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative Mode: Distinctions Explained

Usually, players earn XP in the Battle Royale mode by performing certain actions or completing certain missions. Similarly, players can earn XP in Creative mode by interacting with the island.

When players interact with the island, a response is sent to Accolades on the map. The device then receives the signal and grants the required XP to the player accounts.

For the XP system to work, players must configure the Accolades device when designing the map. This can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Click the Tab key in Design Mode to access the Design Inventory screen.
  • Click on the Devices option.
  • Scroll the whole list to get the required device. You can even use the Search button to complete the action.
  • Click Place Now to immediately place it on the island. Players can also put it on the quickbar to place it later.

If the Loopers use multiple Accolades devices, it is advisable to set them individually. Players can enter the name, write a short description and even add the value of XP rewards.

Fortnite Creative Accolade XP reward system explained

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Usually, the XP reward system in Fortnite Battle Royale represents a set number of experience points granted to players. However, it’s a bit different for the Creative Mode setup. The XP system here is weighted, there is no set amount of XP. Players are rewarded based on the different criteria and challenges that exist on the map.

There are five options to choose the XP reward: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The amount of XP rewarded depends on the number of accolades present on the island. It also depends on how often an Accolade is rewarded on that island. The system takes all of these factors into account and then distributes the XP to player accounts.

Once Accolades is in place, it goes through a calibration process before being released. The calibration test puts the island through a series of playtests to determine the XP that can be earned from it.

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