Johnston Traffic Calming Project Gets New Device


In an ongoing effort to reduce speed in the city while addressing residents’ traffic concerns, the Johnston Police Department continues to modify and improve its temporary speed bump program.

“The Johnston Police Department has adopted a very comprehensive plan to address and mitigate speeding issues throughout the City of Johnston, particularly in our residential neighborhoods,” said Johnston Police Chief Johnston, Joseph Razza.

According to Chief Joseph Razza, the department regularly receives complaints about speeding in residential neighborhoods, with the department issuing numerous citations and warnings daily.

In 2020, the Johnston Police Department started a pilot program that installed temporary speed bumps in residential areas of the city. The first speed bump, installed on Cavalcade Boulevard, was monitored by officers for its effectiveness in controlling traffic. The speed bumps were part of a multi-pronged traffic control effort, and after two years, a new speed bump is now in use on Cavalcade Boulevard.

“We purchased the latest technology to monitor vehicle speeds on our residential streets and then use directed patrols at the best possible times to enforce prima facia speed limits,” Chief Razza said. “We have expanded our use and inventory of speed-restricting devices and are currently testing a new one on Cavalcade Boulevard to determine its durability and feasibility for widespread deployment.”

The Johnston Police Department invested in several temporary speed bumps, made of high-strength recycled rubber, which were later installed on local two-lane roads. The ministry has continuously monitored the data over the past two years to determine its effectiveness. The city’s newest device, also installed on Cavalcade Boulevard, has a steeper profile, making it easier for cars to pass and eliminating most noise as they cross.

According to Razza, the previous speed bump on Cavalcade has proven effective in reducing speed and reducing the amount of through traffic on this busy road. He hopes drivers will find the new speed device more suitable for their vehicles.

“The Johnston Police Department recognizes the concerns the public may have regarding speeding, but this public safety issue is not uncommon and occurs throughout the state of Rhode Island and the county as a whole. “Razza said.

The speed bumps will be left on the roads throughout the fall and will be removed in the winter to allow for snow removal. Razza added that the devices have been placed and relocated on high-traffic streets, and the department also takes feedback from residents into consideration when placing the speed bumps.

“Although these enforcement strategies are very comprehensive, they are not a panacea against speeding. It is the responsibility of every resident who drives and those who come to Johnston to know and recognize the speed limits in place throughout the city,” Razza said. “It is also the responsibility of motorists to recognize that excessive speed on our streets creates a public safety hazard for everyone who drives in the City of Johnston.”


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