Kensington celebrates 30 years as an industry leader in physical device security


BURLINGAME, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For three decades, Kensington®a global leader in desktop and mobility computing solutions for IT, business and home office professionals and The Professionals’ Choice, continued its role as an industry pioneer in developing innovative solutions physical security solutions for laptops, peripherals and mobile devices. The inventor of the laptop lock slot, Kensington has maintained its market leadership by solving the security challenges posed by rapidly evolving mobile devices with innovative solutions that have set the standard for ruggedness and durability. reliability. device security.

Providing protection and peace of mind for three decades

Since the invention of Kensington security slot and launch the original MicroSaver® Lock in 1992, over 30 million Kensington locks were sold worldwide. The company’s industry-leading portfolio of locking solutions has evolved with technology devices over three decades to provide robust, industry-standard anti-theft protection compatible with 99% of laptops, projectors, printers and monitors with security lock slots.

Rising to the challenge of securing a new generation of compact devices from technology leaders such as HP, Lenovo, ASUS and others, Kensington created the Nano Security Slot, which is 70% smaller than the traditional slot, to secure the ultra-thin and light devices and desktop computers. peripheral devices. Quickly becoming the new physical security standard for these next-generation devices, the Kensington Slim NanoSaver® Keyed Locks 2.0, winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022, features an innovative cable head design that allows ultra-slim and 2-in-1 laptops to sit flat and stable on the surface to provide protection sturdy anti-theft device without lifting the device off the surface or blocking ports.

The strongest and most reliable locks on the market

While the sight of a lock can provide an effective visual deterrent, enterprise-level security requires a solution designed and tested end-to-end, from the cable to the head of the lock, to eliminate vulnerabilities and earn reputation. to be the strongest in the industry. and the most reliable locks. Verified to exceed industry standards, all Kensington key and combination locks, which are backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty, undergo rigorous testing in an organization-controlled environment. third party with multiple samples of each lock being stressed until failure to identify points of failure.

Kensington cables are constructed of twisted carbon steel and coated to protect work surfaces from scratches. To ensure the cable cannot be cut or separated easily, third-party tensile testers apply tensile pressure to measure the strength of the cable, and the cable is subjected to a minimum shear test of 1,000 pounds of force .

Kensington Lock Cable Type





(# of strands X # of wires)

Minimum Tensile Strength (pounds)


Most commonly used cable lock for laptops and tablets






Desktop Peripherals Kit

Lock multiple devices (monitor, desktop, wired keyboard, wired mouse)





Superior strength, thicker carbon steel cable





Rolled up

Travel/portable locks




Equally important to cable strength is the ability of the locking head to remain engaged in a device’s security slot when pulled. Kensington locks are designed and tested to withstand a minimum straight pull of 200 pounds and a side pull of 400 pounds. The test involves pulls from the right and left sides, and up and down, until the lock is damaged. Kensington even performs tests to ensure the aesthetic integrity of its locks over time. Kensington locks are designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -22 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, cable and lock tip rotations up to 8,000 cycles, repeated drops from five feet, repeated impacts from over of three feet, vibration tests and various additional tests on key and combination lock heads.

Relationships with technology leaders ensure optimal fit and function

Kensington has worked closely with device manufacturers for three decades to design robust and reliable locking solutions for the ever-growing range of laptops, peripherals and mobile devices for businesses and consumers. By working closely with these technology leaders, Kensington is able to design locking solutions that set the industry bar for device theft protection while maintaining full device functionality and usability. office and on the road.

Not all locks are created equal: Kensington’s commitment to innovation

Since the invention of the laptop security slot, Kensington’s commitment to innovation has enabled the company to provide end users with locking solutions that provide the highest levels of security while maintaining the full usability and functionality of their mobile devices and peripherals.

Unique to Kensington’s key locks, the company’s patented Hidden Pin™ technology is an anti-pick feature that ensures the lock cannot be tampered with. Kensington NanoSaver laptop locks use unique Cleat™ locking technology that works similar to bicycle cleats to securely grip the inside walls of a device’s Nano Slot, creating a solid connection between the frame of the laptop device and lock to resist and deter theft. The thin nano locking head of the Kensington NanoSaver locks pivots to allow ultra-thin devices to lay flat on a surface for ease of use without blocking ports.

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Kensington is a leading supplier of desktop and mobile device accessories trusted by IT professionals, educators, businesses and home offices around the world for over 40 years. Kensington strives to anticipate the needs and challenges of an ever-changing workplace and create award-winning professional-grade solutions for organizations committed to providing top professionals with the tools they need to thrive. . The company prides itself on being the choice of professionals and its core values ​​of design, quality and support.

In desktop and mobile environments, Kensington’s extensive portfolio of award-winning products offers Security, office productivity novelties, professional videoconferenceand ergonomic welfare.

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