Life-saving device at Masich Place stadium vandalized


An automated external defibrillator (AED) donated in honor of the late husband of local MP Shirley Bond has been destroyed by vandals.

If anyone goes into cardiac arrest at Masich Place stadium today, their chances of survival have been cut in half, thanks to vandals who destroyed an automated external defibrillator (AED) located in the stadium’s parking lot.

In an email, a spokesperson for the City of Prince George said the rescue machine had been damaged by vandals and was in the process of being replaced. Details on when the vandalism occurred and when the device will be replaced were not immediately available.

As of 6 p.m. Tuesday, the device was not located in its air-conditioned case in the parking lot near Griffiths Avenue for the Masich Place stadium.

The machine, which stimulates the heart with an electric current to start it beating again, resembled those used in hospitals – except it was automated to allow use by an untrained bystander, following simple instructions. When a cardiac arrest occurs outside of a hospital, the chances of survival are less than 10%, according to information provided by the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation. With access to an AED and CPR, the chances of survival double.

The AED device was donated by Prince George-Valemount MP Shirley Bond and her family in July 2021, in honor of Bond’s late husband, Bill Bond. Bill Bond died on June 6, 2020 following a stroke.

The installation in an air-conditioned outdoor area was the first of its kind in British Columbia outside of the Lower Mainland.

Bond and his family started the Bill Bond Memorial Fund, run by the Prince George Community Foundation, to raise money to purchase at least 10 machines and install them in locations across northern British Columbia.

Donations to the Bill Bond Memorial Fund can be made online or by calling the Prince George Community Foundation office at 250-562-7772.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.


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