Local doctor raising funds for a treatment device –

Dr Susan Aycock with a thermal ablation device used to treat cancer. (submitted)

A local doctor is raising money to buy medical equipment to take to Honduras for a good cause. Dr Susan Aycock is setting up a program around the country for others to learn how to screen for and treat pre-cancers of the cervix. Having a thermal ablation machine to leave with the community would complement their training program.

Thermal ablation is used to treat different types of cancer. It uses extreme temperatures (thermal) to destroy (ablate) cancer cells. Each of these devices costs $1,600, but the impact it will have in Honduras is invaluable.

Aycock is seeking funding for a single.

She is currently employed by the Columbus County Health Department and recently completed her Masters in International Health. Her thesis for her studies was on the treatment of cervical cancer in low-income countries.

She recently completed a mission trip to Nicaragua with the Columbus Baptist Association to work with the On Eagles Wings organization. She herself has planned a trip at the end of the month to deliver the equipment and complete the training of the medical staff who will use it.

A GoFundMe account was recently opened to help Aycock eliminate cervical cancer in underdeveloped countries. If you would like to donate to the cause, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/donate-to-help-eliminate-cervical-cancer.


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