Manage OTA devices with Golioth cloud platform


Bringing devices online is the first step in the development process for IoT systems. With a well-defined system, you can then begin the larger device lifecycle management tasks using cloud platforms. But how do you manage devices in the cloud? How do you ensure that it reliably sends data back to the cloud? How do you create data structures that your software teammates or customers will understand? Getting started can be a daunting task. Learn how OTA device management with the Golioth cloud platform provides a solution.

In this webinar, NXP and Golioth will discover how to start from a development platform and quickly program this device to send data back to the cloud. After creating a firmware build for the i.MX RT10xx evaluation rigs in Zephyr, we’ll demonstrate how to use Golioth to implement a range of troubleshooting and useful data capture techniques. Join us as we explore how you can use NXP platforms to prototype smart products and quickly build IoT systems that can scale to thousands or millions of devices.

What you will learn:

  • NXP’s support strategy for Zephyr, including currently supported NXP platforms and future plans.
  • How to Integrate Ethernet and Cloud Connectivity into a Zephyr Application Using the i.MX RT1060
  • How to apply credentials to a device so it can securely send data back to the cloud.
  • How to monitor logs for troubleshooting and logging issues throughout a deployment.
  • How to stream sensor data to the cloud and visualize it on third-party platforms.
  • How to command and control a device in the field, using a status-based database.
  • How to update device firmware in the field using built-in bootloaders such as MCUboot


  • Derek Snell – Principal Systems Engineer, NXP Semiconductors
  • Mike Szczys – Developer Relations Engineer, Golioth

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