Medtronic, BioIntelliSense Partner on Patient Monitoring Device

The BioIntelliSense BioButton

Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) today announced its partnership with BioIntelliSense for distribution rights to the BioButton device.

BioButton, a portable, multi-parameter device for continuous, connected monitoring, measures up to 1,440 vital signs measurements per day. Its measurements include skin temperature, resting respiratory rate, and resting heart rate.

The device, combined with advanced analytics, helps clinicians better detect early signs of patient deterioration. Conversely, it can help identify stable patients who may be candidates for earlier discharge from hospital.

BioIntelliSense’s rechargeable device also offers configurable treble and post-treble modes, according to a press release. These modes allow you to continuously monitor patients moving from a higher acuity setting to a lower acuity level.

The partnership enables Medtronic’s patient monitoring business to offer access to a medical-grade device that provides continuous measurements of vital signs for patients in general care in the hospital as well as after discharge. The company said this supports the simplification of care delivery. Workflow automation, proactive clinical intervention, and staff shortage assistance are by-products of the offering.

Medtronic did not disclose the terms of the partnership agreement.

“Our vision is to empower clinicians and patients with actionable insights to personalize care – anytime, anywhere,” said Frank Chan, president of Medtronic’s patient monitoring business. “Today, our solutions reach more than 100 million patients each year in hospitals. Through our collaboration with BioIntelliSense, we will support seamless, connected care from hospital to home and expand our reach to help more patients in more places than ever before.

Improving HealthCast

Medtronic added that its patient monitoring business is looking to expand its HealthCast portfolio. HealthCast aims to increase workflow efficiency by connecting devices to electronic medical records (EMRs), saving staff time by reducing manual record creation.

Adding BioButton to the HealthCast portfolio helps even more general care patients inside and outside the hospital, Medtronic said.

“In partnership with Medtronic, we are poised to accelerate seamless connected care models that deliver a new level of clinical oversight and workflow efficiencies for hospitals that are challenged in today’s healthcare environment. increasing labor shortages and managing the costs of care,” said Dr. James Mault, founder and CEO of BioIntelliSense. “This advanced remote physiological monitoring simplifies care delivery to facilitate personalized patient care, clinical workflow automation, and proactive clinical interventions.”


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