Microsoft 365 Apps will now update silently when the device is locked or idle


Microsoft has rolled out a new update to its Office suite to eliminate repetitive update notifications, address compliance issues, and improve the update experience.

Starting now, Microsoft 365 Apps will receive silent updates when the device is locked or idle.

Microsoft 365 apps update under lockdown and its benefits

The new feature is called Update Under Lock. It will help IT administrators update their existing office applications without disrupting their services.

It’s powered by Click-to-Run technology to deliver and update Microsoft Office in a hassle-free way.

It will provide multiple benefits to Microsoft users. For instance,

Speed ​​and reliability: The locked update feature will significantly speed up the update process. It also adds more security to the whole process to eliminate the risk of data loss and the need for data recovery.

Security: The application will not close if it is unsafe or there is a risk of data loss. In this case, it will usually be updated.

Automatic compliance resolution: Compliance issues may arise occasionally and halt official work indefinitely until resolved. The new feature brings more flexibility to compliance resolution as it can achieve compliance automatically, reducing the risk of increased downtime and promoting seamless work.

No disturbance: The feature does not require users to restart their apps. Therefore, it brings no disturbance to internal users while pushing updates.

No admin control: The feature is self-contained as it requires no administrator intervention.

No forced update: It eliminates the need for suddenly forced updates that many Microsoft users don’t prefer.

Recorded progress: Adding more freedom and security to work in progress, the update-under-lock feature saves the current state of applications precisely as it was before closing them. The user can find the update progress intact and resume the work, thus avoiding threats of progress loss.

Zero Threat of Pop-up Notification: The process will eliminate unwanted pop-up notifications about required updates, which often disrupt work or virtual meeting with your team.

How does the locked update work?

Update under lock only takes 4 seconds to update apps. Typically, it will thoroughly assess progress in Office applications. It will only push updates when safe. Also, after applying the update, it will automatically restore the app to its current state.

The feature will especially benefit those who tend to lock their device after a day of work. Before the new update, Office couldn’t update an app that was running in locked mode.

But now he can update the application without affecting the status of the works in progress. Users will find the latest version of the app the next time they open the app.

Devices eligible for the update

Microsoft informs that these devices are eligible to receive the update:

  • Microsoft 365, Visio and Project subscriptions, but not Microsoft Teams, which has its own update process
  • Retail/Perpetual Office 2016, 2019 and 2021

Other eligible devices:

  • Current channel: version 2109 or later
  • Monthly Enterprise Channel: Version 2112 or later
  • Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview): Version 2202 or later
  • Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel: Version 2202 or later

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