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waltonthe biggest tech brand in Bangladesh, started its journey in the mobile phone market in the late 2000s. Back then, the company had no production capacity and used to import phones Chinese and rename them under their banner.

Over the years, the company has established factories and R&D units and ventured into the smartphone market. Needless to say, Walton is one of the leading brands operating in the budget smartphone segment in Bangladesh.

Their latest offer, the First HM7 brings a lot of budget and performance under its hood. Here’s our in-depth take on the device.

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Key Features of the Walton Primo HM7

Design and build quality

The design of the Primo HM7 can best be called generic. Walton didn’t try to reinvent the wheel or adopt a new design theme. The design is rather a mixture of existing standards that are commonly seen in the budget segment.

The device is made of plastic all around with a glass front. There is no rating on the glass panel, so durability is not guaranteed.

The back of the device features a textured design that feels great in the hand. But that doesn’t take away from the cheap plastic feel of the device. Ports and button selections are as usual. Users will get a Type-C port along with the headphone jack, which is a refreshing change in the ultra-budget segment. There’s a physical fingerprint scanner on the back which is another useful addition.

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However, the speaker has been removed from the bottom to the rear. While this design choice is something new, it muffles the sound output when the phone is laid on its back. The problem is even more apparent on the HM 7 because it only has one speaker.

Overall, the design and build quality do not stray from the budget segment. But considering the price of the device, the margin of complaint is also very slim.


The Prime HM 7 features a 6.52-inch 720P IPS LCD screen. The screen is relatively large considering some of the other competitors on the market, but the choice of 720P resolution seems almost universal.

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Talking about the display quality, there is nothing eye-catching. This is another generic 720P panel that gets relatively bright outdoors for easy visibility. Viewing angles are decent as there are no weird color shifts.

The tone of the display is warmer. It tends to bring out the color, giving it much-needed sharpness.

But there is also a problem. when scrolling, the screen sometimes does not recognize the touch. Now, if it’s a hardware or software issue, only Walton can tell. But more often than not, users will need to press a little harder to register a keystroke. And that could be a deal breaker for many.

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The camera

There is a triple camera setup on the Primo HM 7. The main sensor is a 13 MP sensor with an additional 2 MP depth sensor and a 2 MP macro shooter.

The extra sensors won’t be of much use as they are mostly included to increase the number of sensors. Most of the work is done by the main sensor and performance here is average at best.

The camera can take decent photos in bright sunlight or well-lit conditions. Images are passable as they can capture subject detail but soften or underexpose surroundings.

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By switching to artificial lights or dark environments, the quality of the photo degrades further. So much so that there are color imbalances in some places and the overall photo looks much softer with exposure issues.

The story is a bit the same with portrait mode because the edge detection is sometimes random. There is an 8MP selfie shooter which also performs at best in the average. Videography is limited to 1080P at 30 fps without any stabilization feature.

The HM 7 is an economical device. So, any kind of flaw is understandable as the device will not compete with the mid-range of flagship devices. But even then, the cameras underperform compared to similar devices in this price range.

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Processor and performance

The Primo HM 7 comes with a Unisoc Tiger T610 processor. Although Unisoc SoCs aren’t that common, the T610 is a surprisingly powerful choice given the budget constraint of the HM 7.

The processor is powered by an Octa-core 1.8 GHz processor based on a 12 Nm Finfet architecture.

Truth be told, this exact processor has already been featured in many more expensive devices. So seeing him on HM 7 is a reassuring sign.

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Speaking of performance, the processor can easily handle day-to-day tasks. Users should have no problem browsing the net or social media with this phone. But the phone starts to falter with demanding tasks.

This device can also be used for games, moderate games. Titles like Asphalt 9 and PUBG will run on moderate settings, but even then they heat up the device quite heavily with heavy battery drain.

Overall, the processor gets the job done and might be the Primo HM7’s best selling point.

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Battery and charging time

The Primo HM7 comes with a built-in 4900 mAh battery. While that’s not a lot, it tends to perform well against an entry-level CPU. Users can expect to get around 8-10 hours of continuous use from this device.

Unfortunately, there is no fast charging on this device.

Walton Primo HM7 Price in Bangladesh

Walton has officially launched the Primo HM 7 in Bangladesh with a price tag of 10,500 BDT.

Last words

The Walton Primo HM7 is the latest addition to a range of budget devices from Walton. Considering the demographics of Bangladesh, the budget segment consumer is much higher compared to mid-range or even flagship devices. As a result, the HM 7 could attract many new phone buyers.

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However, the phone could have done better in the display and camera department. While the phone shines in processor and performance, it’s ultimately something that stays under the hood and isn’t the point of contact for users.

Apart from that, the Walton Primo HM7 can be a big budget phone for around 10000 BDT.


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