MobileWorxs turns the Android-based Lenovo Tab K10 into a rugged device for transportation and logistics workers


WORCESTERSHIRE, England, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to MobileWorxs, an enterprise mobile computing specialist, there has been adoption of hardware solutions in the workplace, but much Consumer-grade devices are not durable in frequent and heavy-duty applications.

Andrew Cahill, Managing Director of MobileWorxs, explained, “Providing durable and functional tablets to workers in hazardous industries is important to manage operations in the supply chain. Especially when the application involves the management, monitoring and tracking of large quantities of goods. To meet the high demands of the transport and logistics industry, business owners and fleet managers need to consider ways to manage and stimulate operations sufficiently,” added Cahill

Explain further the problems encountered in the transport and logistics sectorCahill said, “Workers are constantly picking, packing, handling and transporting products.

“TThe era of e-commerce has caused an exponential increase in the enormous scale of the challenges facing workers. The excessive cost of fleet management and maintenance, unpredictable travel conditions disrupting the accuracy of delivery times, and managing a remarkably large inventory.

“It means recognizing the rising costs of fuel, insurance, taxes. As well as proper service, repairs and checks for all vehicles. Overall, there are a host of things to consider.

Finally, Cahill said, “Automation and accurate data collection enable management to successfully monitor all supply chain functions. Therefore, applying a hardware and software solution to each practice is an absolute requirement.

To meet the demand for a high-performance solution that offers robustness and durability, MobileWorxs has introduced a new rugged case for the Lenovo K10 tabletallowing operation in a variety of harsh and hazardous environments, including transportation and logistics.

Equipped with Lenovo Commercial Software Development Kit (CSDK) and Commercial Customization System (CCS) softwarethe K10 tablet can be controlled and updated remotely.

The features of the Lenovo Tab K10 combined with the rugged shell make it perfectly suited for harsh environments. These features include shock absorbing rubber bumpers on all corners and a rigid hard shell. The mobile device has undergone a military STD-810H drop test, involving 26 drops on all sides and surfaces from the height specified by the manufacturer from 10 feet.

The durable Lenovo Tab K10 Case from MobileWorxs is also available with an optional barcode scanner, providing a complete mobile solution for transportation and logistics applications.

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UK-based MobileWorxs is a leading value-added distributor of enterprise-grade Android and Windows rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions in the UK and EMEA region that help customers improve productivity , the quality and responsiveness of their operations.

MobileWorxs rugged mobile solutions include provisioning, provisioning, deployment, management and support of rugged tablets, mobile computers and accessories in retail, T&L, manufacturing , government and health.

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