Motorola’s new phone isn’t a cheap device, but its price is surprisingly low


Almost two months after the launch of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro (known as Edge Plus (2022) in the US), its non-Pro sibling has landed – and this new Motorola phone has a very surprising price tag.

Although the phone’s name suggests that it’s part of the company’s flagship series, it costs just £380 in the UK (that converts to just $490 or AU$670 although we don’t have any details). information on whether these regions will get the handset). At this price, it wouldn’t technically fit into our list of best budget phones, but it’s actually more affordable than some members of Moto’s budget phone line, like the Moto G200.

The Moto Edge 30 has a few key features in common with the Pro that we’ve seen before. These include the camera setup, with a 50MP main camera, 50MP ultra wide camera and 2MP depth, running Android 12 software and a 144Hz display.

But in many ways it’s different – it has a 6.5-inch FHD+ screen, 32MP selfie camera, 4,020mAh battery and is just 6.8mm thick – Motorola calls it the thinnest 5G phone yet.

In some regions, the Edge 30 flaunts its budget status – it has a Snapdragon 778G chipset and 33W charging, which might put some users off. But overall, its specs look impressive for the price, and we can’t wait to test it out.

Analysis: a surprising – and perhaps confusing – price

It’s still useful for average consumers, when phone companies have separate product lines. Samsung’s Galaxy A phones are its mid-range, and the S phones are its premium line, and the two will never meet.

But it can be confusing when there’s overlap – Moto’s G phones are known to be its budget phones, but when some of them are actually more expensive than its flagship range, there’s plenty of room for the confusion.

It also makes you wonder why the Motorola Edge 30 wasn’t called the Moto G300, or the G200 wasn’t an Edge phone.

Motorola has always been confused with its phone names, a fact greatly exacerbated by the fact that it uses different names for the same handsets in different regions, meaning anyone who follows global tech news has a hard time knowing what is the name in its region.

For the Motorola Edge 30 itself, the low price is great – it means people can access those top specs at a relatively low price. But for people looking to buy a new phone but don’t know which one, the confusing naming scheme might just add to the headache.


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