NASA Space Station Status Report June 21, 2022 – 3D Hologram Device


Astronaut Bob Hines replaces components inside the Combustion Integrated Rack. (June 14, 2022)


A slew of biomedical studies filled the Expedition 67 crew day as NASA and its international partners continue to explore how long-term life in space affects the human body.
Residents aboard the International Space Station also installed a 3D hologram device and tested a new robotic arm.

The four astronauts in the orbiting lab took turns scanning each other’s veins with the Ultrasound 2 device on Tuesday morning. NASA flight engineers Jessica Watkins, Bob Hines and Kjell Lindgren joined ESA (European Space Agency) flight engineer Samantha Cristoforetti and scanned their neck, shoulder and leg veins during the morning with ground researchers monitoring the data in real time. Physicians on Earth discover how an astronaut’s heart, vascular and muscular systems adapt to weightlessness.

Hines and Cristoforetti also centrifuged blood samples in the Human Research Facility’s centrifuge before storing them in a science freezer for later analysis. Watkins spent the rest of his day inspecting the components of the American module’s hatch and checking the hardware inside the station’s pantry. Cristoforetti worked on orbital plumbing tasks before rearranging cargo to create more space aboard the space station.

Lindgren loaded and configured a headset that enables real-time, high-definition 3D holograms for immersive and innovative communication and research techniques. Subsequently, he launched a session-starting computer application to demonstrate how holoportation can be used for teleconferencing and telemedicine, as well as assisting crew members with complex procedures in space.

Station commander Oleg Artemyev and flight engineer Denis Matveev teamed up for ultrasounds of their digestive systems after breakfast. Researchers are studying how the organs and vessels of the gastrointestinal tract adapt to microgravity. Flight engineer Sergey Korsakov worked inside Nauka’s multi-purpose laboratory module to test the function and mobility of Europe’s new robotic arm.

On-Orbit Status Report

European Robotic Arm (ERA) Operations: Today, by adjusting and moving the angle of the ERA arms, ERA verification and ranging operations have been completed. ERA is located on MLM and is intended to be the main equipment for maintenance of electromechanical systems on the Russian segment after commissioning is completed.


EXpedited Experiment Processing for Space Station Racks (EXPRESS Rack): The crew performed the Common Laptop Software (CLS) 14 installation setup on the EXPRESS 8 (ELC-8) laptop computer. EXPRESS Racks support science experiments in all disciplines by providing the structural interfaces, power, data, cooling, water, and other elements necessary to operate science experiments in space.


Hatch Seal Inspection: As part of periodic maintenance, the crew cleaned and inspected the USOS hatch seals and hatch plate sealing surface for node 3 nadir and starboard. The crew inspected the hatch seal cords for FOD, nicks, burrs, cuts, or gouges that would interfere with a proper seal. The crew also inspected the crank mechanism and the hatch seal interlocking joints for foreign object debris (FOD) or damage. The crew dusted with an AC vacuum cleaner and a hatch seal brush.

Station reorganization: Today, to decongest some of the clutter that has accumulated on the ISS over the years, the crew has organized storage and crew preference items throughout the station. The reorganization should help the crew move around the station and work on science and maintenance.

Crew handover video: Today the crew recorded videos for future crew handovers and pre-flight familiarization to help the crew adjust to daily life in the air. ‘ISS. In the recording, the crew gave advice for life on board, setting up public affairs events (PAO), exercise, onboard IT and any other subject at the discretion of the crew.

Electric plugs and plugs pantry audit: Today the crew is performing an electric plugs and plugs pantry audit to keep the ground crew inventory system up to date.

Activities from the completed to-do list:

Ground activities today:
All activities are complete unless otherwise stated.

Recycling tank drain support 3
Payload Rack Officer Fluids Integrated Rack Activation Commander
Stopping the SSRMS
Future plan

Wednesday June 22 (GMT 173)

NRCSD-21 Locate for Return Part 2 (NASA)
WICO Quest Operations (ESA)
XROOTS Fluid Recovery, Filling and Nutrient Mixing (NASA)

Hatch Seal Inspection
Transfer recording for the daily life of the crew
Inspection and cleaning of Columbus 1 and 2 smoke detectors
Locating NRCSD hardware
Thursday June 23 (GMT 174)

Replacement of the BioLab rotor belt and installation of the experiment container (ESA)
ER-1 Software Update (NASA)
Phospho-Aging Inserts (JAXA)
Repository Urine and Blood Collection Setup (NASA)

Waste and Hygiene Compartment (WHC) Urine Receptacle (UR) and Insert Filter (IF) Remove and Replace
Transfer recording for the daily life of the crew
Friday June 24 (GMT 175)

CAL MTL Jumper Leak Check (NASA)
CBEF MHU reconfiguration and fan check (JAXA)
Phospho-Aging Inserts (JAXA)
Collection of urine and blood from repository (NASA)
SVGS test operations (NASA)
Toilet Acoustic Survey (NASA)
XROOTS Fluid Recovery, Harvest (NASA)

Toilet acoustic survey
Activities planned today:
All activities are complete unless otherwise stated.

Recording of transfers for the daily life of the crew
EXPRESS Rack ZBook Setup
Optical Coherence Tomography 2 (OCT2) Lens Deployment, Verification, and Storage
Ultrasound Preparation 2
Post-ultrasound examination 2
Ultrasound 2 HRF Rack 2 Power On
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) Subject preparation.
Ultrasound 2
Testing the Spaceflight Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows (WinSCAT)
Medical demonstration of holoportation
Accompaniment on board training
HRF Generic HRF Centrifuge Frozen blood collection activities
HRF Generic MELFI Sample Insertion
Extraction and insertion of generic MELFI HRF samples
HRF Generic Urine Collection
Checking electrical plugs and sockets
Hatch Seal Inspection
IMS Updates
Public Affairs Office (PAO) event at JEM
Emptying and filling the recycling tank
Holoport Collect and Load
Reorganization of the station
Unloading the EDV Swap Urine Transfer System


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