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For self-administration, adherence to medication treatment and disease management protocols has become a major concern in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

For chronic diseases, compliance has a direct effect on the patient’s quality of life.

Connected devices – medication injection devices designed to solve the problem of patient compliance by recalling and recording data about the patient’s dosing activity and making it available to healthcare professionals – are sparking growing interest among industry and managed care participants.

Near Field Communication Medical Device Markets – What You Will Learn

  • Which medical devices incorporate near-field communication technology, how do they work, and what new features do they offer patients and their healthcare professionals?

  • What benefits do NFC-enabled medication injectors offer patients in the area of ​​improved compliance? Patient reported results? PS/patient communication?

  • What therapeutic areas are NFC-enabled devices currently focusing on?

  • Which companies are behind the desire to integrate communication capabilities into injection devices? What are their development activities and corporate alliances and affiliations

  • What is the importance of pharmaceutical alliances and design partnerships on the commercialization and market access of medical devices?

  • What does the current market for connected medical devices look like?

  • What are the key market drivers for the growth of NFC-enabled medical devices?

Main topics covered:

  • Summary

  • Near Field Communication Medical Device Markets

  • Summary

  • Wireless options for medical devices

  • Near field communication

  • NFC OpenSense (thin-film electronics)

  • NFC and UID technology

  • Security

  • The question of energy

  • RFID communication

  • Wireless architectures

  • Device ergonomics

  • Medical applications for NFC

  • IDU

  • Hospital Inventory Tracking Solutions

  • Management of hospitalized patients

  • Patient Monitoring Markets

  • Implantable sensors

  • Injection devices

  • Patient Monitoring

  • Security/Counterfeit/etc.

  • NFC standards

  • Market Participant Profiles

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