New VIVI Epi device from TempraMed offers first-of-its-kind case protection for EpiPens against light and extreme temperatures


TEL AVIV, Israel, October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TempraMed introduces a new protective device for the EpiPen®. The VIVI Epi is specifically designed for a critical market that needs to protect life-saving drugs from the adverse effects of extreme temperatures and light. Based on patented technologies originally developed to protect insulin pens, the VIVI Epi provides millions of allergy sufferers with all-day, anywhere protection for their medications.

Helping allergy sufferers live better lives is just the beginning. The VIVI Epi will also serve as an important resource for institutions tasked with both the moral and regulatory obligation to inventory and have ready-to-use emergency response for allergy sufferers facing an event. anaphylactic.

A very real need

There are nearly 1,000 deaths each year from food allergies, medications and insect bites. What’s more, one in four students who experience a severe allergic reaction don’t even find out they have an allergy until such an event occurs. For these reasons, schools and colleges – as well as amusement parks, public attractions, sports arenas, golf courses, restaurants and other similar destinations – not only list interventions such as EpiPens, but may actually be mandated to do so by state law. Of course, that doesn’t even include medical personnel, police, firefighters, first responders, and state or government disaster response teams, who need to keep EpiPens handy. All the more reason why a simple, practical and easy-to-carry storage and protection solution is so readily available.

Convenience and protection

Epinephrine should be stored at normal room temperature between 68 and 77 degrees F. It should not be refrigerated or exposed to extreme temperatures or excessive light. The VIVI Epi meets these criteria, protecting an EpiPen in a self-contained, easy-to-use case. The device has built-in temperature control, requires no maintenance or user intervention, is reusable for years, and is even TSA compliant. The VIVI Epi fits in a purse or backpack. Best of all, like other next-generation TempraMed products, it fits into the life of an allergy sufferer, providing a carry-anywhere solution that will continue to work 24/7/365. year.

How it works?

Similar to the company’s VIVI Cap insulin protection device, the VIVI Epi uses a unique, patented combination of special thermal insulation with “self-healing” heat-absorbing material and control electronics. The EpiPen fits easily inside the VIVI Epi, for use indoors, outdoors, day or night to prevent sensitive epinephrine from degrading due to adverse storage conditions. The device is also FDA registered and CE marked.

Innovation speaks for itself

According Ron NagarCEO and Founder of TempraMed: “Our continuing mission is to create easy-to-use, hassle-free solutions that help patients live better lives. Protecting them from damaged medications does just that. Daily pharmaceuticals are injected by hundreds millions of patients worldwide, but because these drugs are so sensitive to temperature and light, they could be rendered ineffective. This is especially true for epinephrine, which must be stored under strict conditions that are easily compromised in daily use by the practical needs of people with active allergies and the institutions responsible for protecting them.”

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TempraMed develops, manufactures and markets innovative personal storage solutions for injectable medications. Its goal is to fill the previously unmet need of people who inject drugs and want to live their lives in a more spontaneous, convenient and safer way.




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