NSG team defuses explosive device found near Burail prison in Chandigarh


A day after an explosive device was found in a bag near the perimeter wall of Burail High Security Model Prison in Chandigarh, a National Security Guard (NSG) team defused it on the same Sunday.

UT Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kuldeep Singh Chahal said a bag containing a box, a detonator, bunt wires and the explosive device was found near the perimeter wall of Burail prison on Saturday evening. “The NSG team defused the explosive device on Sunday,” the SSP said, adding that an FIR was also registered under the relevant sections of the Explosives Act and the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in the police station concerned and that an investigation is under way.

Meanwhile, Chandigarh Police had cordoned off the area and a firefighting vehicle had also been deployed.

Police Department sources said the jail currently houses about 1,000 convicts. The area around the prison was very sensitive. The prison also houses Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) member Jagtar Singh Tara, who is serving a life sentence for the assassination of former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh in 1995.

In January 2004, four prisoners escaped from the prison by digging a 108-foot tunnel under the prison. Of the four, three were BKI terrorists who were convicted in the beanmt singh assassination case. The three BKI terrorists included Jagtar Singh Tara and Paramjit Singh Bheora. Tara and Bheora were later arrested. The fourth convict identified as Devi Singh remains at large.


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