Ordr obtains four patents addressing the security challenges of connected devices


Four New Patents Highlight Ordr’s Innovation and Differentiated IP Portfolio in the Connected Device Security Market

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Orderedthe leader in connected device security, has been granted four new patents for the visibility and security of the ever-increasing number of devices accessing today’s enterprise networks.

Connected devices are transforming industries and business operations. However, each new device and connection increases an organization’s attack surface. In industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, a cyberattack affecting a connected device can easily disrupt the entire business or become a life-threatening situation. IoT and OT devices in particular can be critical to digital transformation strategies, but present unique cybersecurity challenges because they are not always designed with security in mind.

“Ordr continues to make significant investments in our technology to enable our customers to solve critical connected device security issues. These patents validate the innovation behind our platform – from viewing a device profile, mapping how devices communicate, to defining normal behavior so anomalies can be discovered. We have best-in-class technology and the most mature and innovative patent portfolio in this market.” said Pandian Gnanaprakasamco-founder and product manager at Ordr.

Ordr’s new patents represent unique innovations that position the company and its technology as the platform of choice for connected device security, IoT and IoMT security in healthcare, and Challenges of Cyber ​​Asset and Attack Surface Management (CAASM):

  • Determination of a device profile and abnormal behavior associated with a device in a network (US Patent 10742687) – This patent highlights Ordr’s ability to group devices and map their communication flows in real time for behavioral detection. Ordr uses machine learning to benchmark the normal behavior of a specific device with a similar set of devices over a specific period of time, to identify anomalies. This behavior-based anomaly detection applies to all agentless devices, including medical devices, computing devices such as printers and phones, and IoT devices such as building management systems and computers. CCTV systems.
  • Presentation, on a graphical user interface, of photos of devices and risk categories associated with devices on a network (US patent 10979447) – Ordr’s data lake includes a knowledge base that identifies devices based on static, dynamic, and stream-level behavioral attributes. Ordr has unique innovations in classifying millions of devices using machine learning and a new hierarchical organization technique to scale the classification process. Ordr uses this breakthrough technology to classify devices accurately and at scale, with granular details like manufacturer, brand, model and more, including the exact device image on the Ordr dashboard, to facilitate asset inventory and incident response. For example, over 28,000 printers in the Ordr knowledge base are classified with this technology, and this knowledge base is growing daily with machine learning.
  • Presentation, on a graphical user interface (GUI), of a constellation view of the communications associated with groups of nodes in a network (US patents 10928987, 10656795) – Ordr uses a new approach to group devices across multiple dimensions. For example, a group can be based on devices – printers, medical devices, cameras, etc. A group can also be defined based on the VLANs they belong to, subnets, or categories of devices (such as infusion pumps, CT scanners, etc.), or business entities such as research departments or an operating theater area, etc. Ordr patented the ability to graphically show this “organization” using a new technique to facilitate the examination of group-to-group communication and its deviations and anomalies. This is essential for pre-segmentation planning to develop policies on what to allow and deny. It is also a great visualization tool to track the application of policy controls after segmentation to ensure that any business workflow is unaffected while malicious traffic is detected immediately. .

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Ordr makes it easy to secure every connected device, from traditional computing devices to newer and more vulnerable IoT, IoMT and OT. Ordr uses deep packet inspection and advanced machine learning to discover every device, profile its risks and behavior, map all communications, and protect them with automated policies. Organizations around the world trust Ordr to deliver real-time asset inventory, manage risk and compliance, and accelerate Zero Trust and NAC initiatives. Ordr is backed by top investors including Battery Ventures, Wing Venture Capital, Ten eleven Ventures, Northgate Capital, Kaiser Permanente Ventures and Unusual Ventures. For more information, visit www.ordr.net and follow Ordr on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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