Personal ventilation device COVID-19 nominated


By Matthew Sims

The personal ventilation hood designed to fit over a hospital bed and the upper body of COVID-19 patients known as ‘McMonty Medihood’ was among a number of initiatives carried out in Western Health honored with a nomination for the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards 2022 recently.

In the ‘Improving healthcare through clinical research’ category, Western Health received a nomination for the technology, which involves a small ventilator and special filter extract aerosol droplets, significantly reducing the risk of transmission of COVID from patient to healthcare professional.

Western Health anesthetist and intensivist Dr Forbes McGain introduced the ‘hood’ concept to the University of Melbourne’s engineering department in 2020 and said he was delighted that it is now in widespread use.

“It was a very stressful and difficult time at the start of the pandemic,” he said.

“There was no vaccine available and we really didn’t know what we were dealing with, but it was also a wonderful time to collaborate.

“There was a lot of fear among healthcare workers and it was really important that we found a way to protect our staff, especially our nursing staff, from the unknown.”

Western Health also received nominations in the awards for its Western Health COVID Pathways program in the category “Improving the integration of care for patients with chronic and complex health care needs,” provided oversight and support. of COVID-19 cases in the community that required additional care and assessed patients for suitability for early COVID therapies that aim to reduce the risk of hospitalization or emergency department visits.

The state government also named its strategy “Predict, Prevent, Prioritize: Safety” – an approach to managing OAVs, which addressed the prevention of workplace violence and aggression, under the category “Improve Workforce Well-Being and Safety,” while the launch of a new Indigenous outpatient clinic strategy in 2021 received a nomination in the “Enhancing Indigenous Health” category.

Prize winners will be announced on Thursday, October 13.


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