Petaluma Mall standoff ends when officers use projectile device


(KRON) – A suspect is in custody following a confrontation with officers that took place Thursday night at the Plaza South Mall in Petaluma, according to a press alert from the Petaluma Police Department. Daniel Rauer, 36, of Santa Rosa, was arrested following the altercation, which began when he allegedly chased a female victim who had a restraining order against him at a store.

The female victim attempted to call for help using the store’s cell phone, but Rauer snatched it out of her hands. In the end, she was able to lock herself in a room and call 911 safely using her home phone. At that time, Rauer appeared to have fled the store to his nearby van, according to Petaluma PD.

An officer saw Rauer drive off in his vehicle and attempt to hide by parking the truck next to the victim’s vehicle. Petaluma PD officers surrounded Rauer’s truck with patrol vehicles and a spike strip, police said.

For several minutes, officers attempted to negotiate with Rauer to defuse the situation. According to the police, he remained aggressive and refused to comply. During negotiations, he was waved to reach for items in his truck and appeared to be preparing to leave, running over surrounding patrol vehicles. Police say that although it was clear Rauer could understand what was being said to him, he refused to open his doors or windows.

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PPD officers used a projectile to smash the rear window of the truck in an attempt to resolve the situation. Rauer then opened his door and waved to surrender before jumping into the truck and attempting to speed into a patrol vehicle.

Officers pulled him out of the vehicle to prevent him from driving away. Rauer fought with officers and attempted to flee. He was shocked and taken into custody, police said.

After being medically assessed by Petaluma Fire Department paramedics, Rauer was transported to a nearby hospital. After being medically cleared, he was taken to the Sonoma County Jail and sentenced on charges of domestic assault, parole violation, violation of a restraining order, intimidation of a witness, false imprisonment, theft, violent resistance to a policeman and obstruction of an officer.


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