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Chandigarh: Recurrent right heart failure due to leakage of the tricuspid valve (one of the four valves of the heart) is a rare condition that mainly affects older people or people who have had previous valve surgery. Treatment options for these patients are very limited, with open heart surgery and valve replacement being the only options. However, doctors believe that these carry a very high risk.
In what was believed to be a first in the country, a team of doctors from the Advanced Cardiac Center, PGIMER, under the direction of Professor Yash Paul Sharma, implanted a new ‘TRIC’ valve device in an 80-year-old patient suffering from a recurring disease. heart failure, who was too ill to undergo open-heart surgery. After the procedure, the patient showed significant improvement and had no symptoms of heart failure during his short follow-up.
Dr. Himanshu Gupta from the Department of Cardiology, PGIMER, said: “The procedure in which two valves are implanted in the venous outflow system of the heart helps reduce valve leakage and improves forward cardiac output. This valve implantation can be done percutaneously and does not require an open-heart procedure.
He added: “This therapy was recently approved for this condition and it was the first case done in the cardiology department, PGI. Only a handful of cases have been processed worldwide.
IGP cardiologists said the procedure was low risk. “But this should only be done when a patient’s condition does not improve despite optimal medical treatment. Patients who are suitable for this procedure can significantly improve their quality of life and survival,” Dr. Gupta said.

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